Shocking: Ola Taxi Tried To Overcharge This Customer In Bangalore And Got Caught Red Handed

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7 years ago

By admin

OLA  has been the most used cab these days and
preferred by many of us for transportation purposes. But what we don’t know or
not aware of is, they do cheat in very subtle ways, that it goes unnoticed by
most of us.

Just by looting small amount of money from a huge load of people travelling by
them, they would have been taking away our money silently.

And here is a proof of one such act by them, complained boldly by a passenger.
Raut, was travelling from Forum Mall to Banglore Airport to catch a flight to
Mumbai. He was charged Rs 919 as shown by the driver’s app. But Chandan felt
this was some wrong calculation and told the driver he wouldn’t be paying this
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The diver
informed Chandan to contact Ola customer care, as they are responsible for the
fare calculations. When he contacted them, and asked for the justification of
their fare, they accepted that there is some glitch in their app and readily
reduced the fare from Rs 919 to Rs 769.
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What Chandan
tries to tell us all here is, many of us travel to places with little time in
hand. Once we reach the destination, we hurriedly pay the fare the driver tells
us and leave. We do not check for the exact quotations of our ride and  calculate the right amount.
And by this,
Ola has taken advantage and uses techniques to loot people of their money. It’s
just a small difference, but doing that to so many people at a time, makes a
huge difference nonetheless!
The following
was his calculation and it seems fairly true when we look at it..
“1- the distance I travelled was 41 km but
drivers app was showing 45 km.

there’s no Toll to enter the airport from city but drivers app was showing ₹ 80
3- the
travel time in drivers app was 93 minutes but Ola invoice has travel time of 72
4- the
total difference is of ₹ 150 & you can multiply that by thousands of
customers travelling every day, week, months & years.”

This seems fair enough to show the
statistical analysis and proofs for showing the wrong invoicing of Ola.
We hope this article was informative
to many and at least from now on everyone takes a look before paying the bill
and be safe from losing their money.

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