SHOCKING : Girl Fan Ignored, Disrespected, Left Embarrassed By Salman Khan For A Single Selfie !! : Watch Video !!


Salman Khan is one of the most loved Bollywood stars. He is considered an unabashed superstar who guarantees 100 crore grossers. His stardom is such that even his 100 crore grossers are considered average because that is way below the mark he has set recently.

Salman Khan enjoys a huge fan following and wherever he goes paparazzi and fans follow him. Recently, at the trailer launch of Salman Khan’s Race 3 a huge crowd of fans was spotted waiting for him.

The biggest reason behind Salman enjoying such a big fan following is his kind nature towards people and his fans. However, he is also known to be very moody when it comes to meeting people.

The great Bollywood star tries to make all his fans happy but sometimes it becomes too difficult. Seems like, Salman recently broke the heart of one of his female fans.

After the trailer launch of Race 3, Salman along with other stars visited producer Ramesh Taurani’s house for a party. While he was coming out after attending the party, a female fan of Salman was waiting for him since long 5 hours as she wanted to get a selfie with him.

As Salman came out, she started crying and begging for the selfie. She said, “I’ve been waiting for 5 hours sir, Sir please 1 selfie”.

Her voice was recorded while paparazzi was covering Salman. One of the cameramen was also heard encouraging and supporting her.

All this while, Salman didn’t care a bit and moved on normally without clicking selfie with fan. Watch the video-

While it’s understandable that it’s not possible to click selfies with so many fans, Salman Khan would’ve atleast responded to her. But there are also speculations that the girl might be fake and the whole incident was staged. Perhaps Salman smelled something wrong and that’s why he ignored it.

Whats your View on Salman Khan’s this kind of activity?


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