SHOCKING : Azeem Fainted Due To High BP !! Returns After Treatment

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4 months ago

Bigg Boss contestant Azeem fainted in a recent episode due to high blood pressure and went through a medical check up. His co-contestants lifted him up to get him into the medical room. Moments later, he returned after check up and thanked his co-contestants for helping him. Earlier, he requested Bigg Boss to send him out and wanted to get inside the confession room.


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While sitting aside Kathir, Azeem who tried to get up and walk, fell on the floor, to everyone’s shock. Kathir and ADK lifted him from the floor and tried to get him up. In few moments, all the contestants surrounded the television actor and tried ways to bring him back to normal. With the help of Manikantan, Ram, Vikraman and Kathir took him near the medical room and asked Bigg Boss to open the room.

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Moments later, he returned to the house and Vikraman informed to Janany and Dhanalakshmi that he suffered from high BP to an extent of 190. Before going to the rest room, Azeem thanked his contestants for helping him.

Here’s the videos :

Earlier, Azeem was requesting Bigg Boss to send him out. “Bigg Boss, I’m ready, I don’t want to continue this game anymore, I want to get out of thus house” said Azeem to the camera. It is notable that contestants such as G. P Muthu, Dhanalakshmi, Amutha vanan made similar request to Bigg Boss previously. G. P Muthu successfully walked out of the show after expressing his emotions to Bigg Boss.

“I’m not crying or not letting any of my emotion out. While the entire house is upset, I don’t want to continue in this game. Invite me to the confession room and talk with me. I want to go out of the house. I’m not interested in continuing the game. Please help me to get out of the house tonight. Thank you” said Azeem to the camera.


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Ever since entering the Bigg Boss house, Azeem has been grabbing screen space through his impulsive behaviour. His attitude of disrespecting his co-contestants and yelling at them has made viewers of the show to demand host Kamal Haasan to take action against him during the weekend episodes. Being television artist by profession, Azeem got saved every week from the eviction due to the highest number of votes he is getting.


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