Shivangi Got Emotional While Recollecting The Trolls She Faced In The Past !! Check Pavithra’s Message To Her

A recent promo of Vijay TV’s “Cooku with Comali” program showed one of the prominent participants Shivangi getting emotional over how people treated her all these days due to her voice. Many fans expressed their love towards the singer and asked her to be the way she is. Pavithra Lakshmi, Sivaangi’s co-contestant uploaded a story in her official Instagram account saying that Sivangi is an inspiration and said that she will always be the “Chella ponnu” for everyone.

Sivaangi became the darling of masses through her stint in the cookery show which demands a seasoned cook to collaborate with a comedian to cook a dish to impress the judges. After the success of season 1, the makers have inaugurated the second season with a list of contestants which included dance master Baba Baskar, actress Shakeela, Models Dharsha Gupta, Pavithra Lakshmi, Ashwin, comedians Bala, Pugazh, Sivaangi, Mani meghalai etc.

The show became a huge hit among the Television and Internet audience. Not only the ladies, even youngsters including college, school students started celebrating the show as it mainly concentrates on providing humour unlike other cookery shows. Now, a most recent promo showed Sivaangi getting emotional on recollecting the memories on how people treated her.

“Since my school days, they trolled me a lot based on my voice. Boys will look at me and say that I am girl with the strangest voice. After participating in “Cooku with Comali”, I decided to be myself. People started to look at me as their own child.” said an emotional Sivaangi.

“Nowadays, when I go out, people treat me as their own child and elderly people blessing me by keeping their hand on my head. In season 2, now they started looking me as a playful girl like Genelia” says Sivaangi amidst the applause of her co-contestants and Vijay TV celebrities.

Watch the promo below :

Many of her fans expressed their love towards Sivangi by saying that she deserves all the love. “Kannu kalangiduchi ma engaluku” wrote a fan of her whereas another one said “You made us laugh during the stress times😍.. But when u cry.. It hurts us… Reach more heights🔥🔥🔥love you forever❤️”

Check out some of their comments below :

Pavithra Lakshmi, one of the co-contestants of Sivangi in “Cooku with Comali” show uploaded a story expressing her love towards the singer. “Chellame, you are an inspiration, long way to go papa. You are and you will always be the chella ponnu for everyone” Pavithra said in her story by tagging Sivaangi.

Check out the screen shot below :

Pavithra who also enjoys a huge fan following through her “Cooku with Comali” stint, is pretty much active in social media platforms. In a recent live interaction with her Instagram followers, Pavithra Lakshmi said that not only herself, every girl would have a crush on Pugazh as he is making people always laugh. The combination of Pugazh and Pavithra has a separate fan base as well.


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