Started In Paris,Now #ShareForChennai Spreads To Coimbatore,Canada,China,Dubai,England!

We launched #ShareForChennai previous week. Now,it has got the momentum and pacing up and above!

People abroad have taken this initiative as a pretty serious campaign.

These KonguNatu thamizhachigal are sharing for chennai & cuddalore ,many coimbatoreans did their sharing too !

This guy from Montreal skipped his one meal for chennai,when are you going to ?

These women from Vancouver skipped their meal & donated for chennai.Many canadians did the same!

This kind sheikh uncle from dubai did for chennai.When are you going to do ?

Many students of China skipped their meal and shared those money. 

This cool london guy shared and supported the cause. Many london friends did the same. When are you going to ?

All the world people are taking up this initiative and inviting their friends to extend the campaign. When are you going to invite your friends?

We did lot of “Challenges” which most of them were useless!

Why can’t you do “#ShareForChennai” Challenge ,Tag & invite your friends to participate in the campaign for a great cause!

Do it today & your brothers & Sisters of thamizh nadu will be happy !


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