#ShareForChennai – A Global Level Crowd Funding Initiative


#ShareForChennai – A Global level crowd funding initiative

This campaign was kick started in Paris,FRANCE by Sathiya Nathan, Balakrishnan Dinesh and the pics were shot by Salai rudra murthy  from TN 

Motive behind this campaign:
  • To gather funds across the world for the REHABILITATION process of the flood victims of Chennai and across TN as told by RJ BALAJI .
  • To encourage people to donate as much as they can towards this process.
  • To make the efforts of youngsters for the flood relief to reach the next level. 

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What you are expected to do?

  • Donate (Share) the money you spend for one meal a day towards this #ShareForChennai global funding campaign.
                                       Link for donating – SHARE FOR CHENNAI
  • If you do not have money then take a picture of your food that you are eating and post it in your wall (FB) or any other social media platform with the #ShareForChennai tag with the city name you hail from #YourCityName (EG: #Bangalore – If you are from Bangalore or #Mumbai – If you are from Mumbai) – #ShareForChennai #Bangalore or #ShareForChennai #Mumbai

  • When you post your image of holding a paper stating that you have donated please nominate your 3-5 close friends so that it will make them to participate in this campaign.
  • This social cause movement is for NAMMA CHENNAI & TN MAKKAL

     VISIT THE PAGE & LEND YOUR SUPPORT – www.facebook.com/ShareForChennai


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