Shan Vincent De Paul’s Post Against Pa. Ranjith Irked Fans !!

An Instagram post uploaded by Shan Vincent De Paul, a Canadian recording artist about the tweet uploaded by influential Tamil filmmaker Pa. Ranjith has irked the fans of Tamil cinema from across the world. He who termed Pa. Ranjith’s tweet about the erasure of Arivu in the cover picture of “Rolling Stone” magazine as sh*t, said that the filmmaker know absolutely nothing about what he discussed through his tweet. The post gained the artist so much hatred as a result of which he deleted the post. However, the screen shot is going viral in the social media platforms.


August 2021 cover of Rolling Stone Magazine which promotes the Independent music videos “Enjoy Enjaami” and “Neeye Oli” grabbed headlines after the authorities of the magazine decided not to use the picture of Arivu, the lyricist who wrote lyrics for both the songs. Along with director Pa. Ranjith, many people who became aware of the magazine’s cover has been calling out “Rolling Stone” through their tweets and reactions.

Along with singer Dhee, the magazine cover included Shan Vincent De Paul, a Canadian recording artist who worked in “Neeye Oli”. On seeing the cover, influential filmmaker Pa. Ranjith came up with a tweet condemning “Rolling Stone” and “Maajja”, an A.R Rahman backed music platform for failing to credit Arivu, a performer, lyricist, singer and rapper who worked in both the projects. It has been reported that “Rolling Stone” has interviewed Dhee and Shan before featuring them in their August cover.



Calling out the magazine, Pa. Ranjith, in his tweet wrote “Arivu, the lyricist of #Neeyaoli and singer as well as lyricist of #enjoyenjami has once again been invisiblised. @RollingStoneIN and @joinmaajja is it so difficult to understand that the lyrics of both songs challenges this erasure of public acknowledgement?” to express his displeasure over the cover image.

Check out his tweet below :

Adding the screen shot of the tweet and other news materials about the same, Shan, came up with a post in his Instagram account slamming Ranjith. “this is just very small fraction of misinformation, lies and hate i’ve been receiving since @ranjithpa decided to tweet about some shit he knew absolutely nothing about just wanted to make it perfectly clear, I didn’t start this. the road to “Made In Jaffna” continues Ps. Go read the article. @anuragtagat did an awesome job.” he said by adding a number of slides.


Here’s the screen shot of the now-deleted INstagram pos :

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The post garnered him huge hatred from the fans of Director Ranjith. “Why is Shan going at him like he dissed his entire existence when he just raised honest concerns. Why would you victimize yourself in a situation where you are not the victim and turn it into beef. Man I rooted for you too” a social media user said on seeing the post of the artist.

Check out some of the reactions that surfaced for the post :

After the seeing the enormous number of hate messages, Shan deleted the post and came up with a new one writing to Arivu, regarding the song and about the tweet. Here’s his latest post. Swipe to read :


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