“Shame On You Samantha” Trending In Twitter !!


Ahead of the release of Bollywood web series “The Family Man 2 “, hashtag saying “Shame on you Samantha” is trending in the micro blogging social media site. As a result, a hashtag to support the Tamil nadu based South Indian actress is also trending. Many of her fans are trending “We Support Samantha” hashtag with posts defending the actress for playing the role in the web series.

The series is scheduled to release in Amazon Prime Video from Thursday. Despite of the appreciations that surfaced for the actress’s performance in the trailer of “Family man 2”, a set of people started expressing their disappointment over the “Kaththi” actress for taking up a role of an extremist from Tamil roots. Hashtags such as “Family Man 2 Against Tamilians” were trended in twitter as soon as the trailer was released.


Filmmaker cum Politician Seeman issued a press release warning the crew of facing dire consequences if they release the series. He believed that the dialogues and the geographical details mentioned in the recently released trailer, were not unintentional. He urged the series to be banned as it only concentrates on portraying the Tamizh people as “terrorists”.

Throughout the trailer of the “Family man 2”, we could see Samantha wearing the uniform of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The dialogues also suggests that there is a hostage situation in Chennai. It has been reported that most part of the website is taking place in Chennai. LTTE also known as Tamil tigers is an organisation that attempted to establish an independent state for Tamils named “Eelam” in Sri lanka.

Now, as the release nearing, a hashtag saying “Shame on you Samantha” trended in Twitter on Wednesday. Check out some of the tweets under the hashtag below :

In reply, fans of the actress started trending “We Support Samantha” hashtag in the same platform to extend their support to her. Check out some of the reactions under the hashtag below :


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