Shalini, A 24 Year Old Cop Went Undercover To Catch Ragging Seniors Of A College !!

4 months ago

Shalini Chouhan, a 24 year old constable played a vital role in nabbing a group of senior students who involved in ragging their juniors by making them perform vulgar acts. After seeing the victims being reluctant to come forward and make a complaint, the officials went for this “good-old ground level policing” to nab the suspects.

It has been reported that Shalini is going to deal with one of her first assignments. She went undercover in a college that is located in Indore.


Shalini mingled with the students in the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial medical college that is being run by the government. Pretending to be one of the them, she spent three months inside the college by attending classes and bunking them to hang with friends, like every other student would do.

Always carrying a bag that is filled with books, she convinced other students that she is one among them. During the time period, she gathered enough information about the senior students who are involved in ragging first year MBBS students in July earlier this year.

She managed to identify 11 students who were involved in ragging the students and as a result they were suspended for three months, according to reports.


It all started after anonymous complaints were received against the college’s senior students. First year students at the college were ragged brutally and were made to perform vulgar acts such as pretending to have sex with pillows.

Tehzeeb Qazi, Sanyogita Ganj police station, who oversaw the undercover operation, revealed that they were notified of a complaint that was registered with the University Grants Commission helpline. The management filed a criminal case against the unidentified students on 24th of July.

The inspector told media that the complaints were anonymous and the complainant didn’t reveal the names of the accused during their complain through UGC helpline. Screen shots of the chats were also provided during the course of complain but the numbers were hidden. “As per the probe, the senior students were involved in forcing their juniors to involve in some obscene acts in the name of ragging” The official said who further revealed that students were so scared to see cops in uniform while they were asked to make a complaint.


This is where Shalini Chouhan came in. The 24 year old was assigned to make her presence in the college as a student to identify the criminals. Mingling with the other college goers, Shalini went to canteens, classes and roamed in the campus to identify the criminals.

Talking to media, Shalini said that it is “entirely new experience for her”. Though few students questioned her about her whereabouts, she managed to change the topic. She revealed that the ragging at the college were brutal. She found out that the rough and aggressive students had a division where day scholars would rag junior day scholars and hostel inmates would rag hostellers.

As a result, 11 students got suspended. Nine students were from Madhya Pradesh and other two from Bengal and Bihar. Being a daughter of a late Policeman, Chouhan joined the force after getting inspiration from her father. She is a commerce graduate but cracked one of her first assignments in style.


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