Shaariq & Aishwarya Comes Together From Smoking Room !! Aishwarya Accidentally Reveals What They Done Inside !!

5 years ago

Bigg Boss housemates are currently performing the luxury budget task of the week, for which they are divided into two teams and are asked to save as much water as possible by positioning their hands to cover holes and stop leakage.


The yellow team and red team keep picking on the opposition teams every time they speak in English. This way, each team tries to increase the water level in their tanks.

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Kamal Haasan

What her teammates do not know is that Mumtaz receives a secret task to undermine her team and bring down the water level. If she succeeds in the task, the housemates will get full points for luxury budget and Mumtaz will also get a special power.

This leads to a heated argument among her teammates Daniel, Mahat and herself. Yet, she succeeds. The red team is in the lead and are just three buckets away from filling their tank completely. Later, Bigg Boss announces the halt of the task for the night with a siren.


In between this busy house a controversial video surfaced Internet which involves the rumoured couple Aishwarya and Shaariq. As they come together from smoking room, they see Ramya standing infront of mirror. Aishwarya casually starts a conversation with Ramya where Ramya secretly warns Aishwarya for being alone with Shaariq inside the house.


Shaariq Opens Everything That “Secretly” Happened Between Him & Aishwarya To Yaashika !! SHOCKING !!

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Without knowing that Shaariq rubs her face and pinches her repeatedly to which Aishwarya punches him. While leaving the room Aishwarya casually says “Neraya Panniten , Ithukapram Panna Mudiyathu” which means ” I have done enough for you , cannot do this more” which blatantly denotes what they done inside the room.

Watch the video below carefully :


While they come from the room together rest of the housemates giggles themselves and murmurs seeing the duo. Comment below what do you think on this !!

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