“Sex For Oxygen ??”- Internet Appalled After Woman Shared About The Ordeal !!


A tweet shared by a woman named Bhavreen Kandhari appalled the Internet users as she revealed about how an “elite” neighbour tried to trade oxygen cylinder with sex when her friend was in a desperate need of the cylinder for her dying father. She added the tweet with a hashtag saying “Humanity Is Dead” and enormous number of twitter users came up with reactions condemned the inhumane behaviour of the male.

Amidst the second wave of COVID 19 virus, frontline workers are putting their lives on the line to control damage. Doctors, Nurses, health workers are being lauded by the public for their work by putting their lives on line but the situation is also bringing out the worst in some people. While some people are using the pandemic to loot money by taking advantage of the situation, an “elite” individual tried to get a girl to sleep with him in order to help her in receiving an oxygen cylinder for her father.

Bhavreen said that the victim is a sister of her friend and is like a baby sister to her. “My friend’s sister like my baby sister was asked by a neighbour in an elite colony to sleep with him for an oxygen cylinder that she desperately needed for her father; What action can be taken because the b* will obviously deny, no? Humanity Is Dead” read her tweet.

Here’s the tweet :

This tweet caused a huge outrage among the users of the micro blogging social media site with people condemning the accused. “Its a crime under section 354-A of Indian Penal Code, 1860. File a police complaint. Its not victim’s job to find evidences. If ultimately your case fails even then he will get the message that he is not untouchable. Make a dent in the universe. Stand up. We will support her.” a social media user said whereas another one wrote “Leave aside Legal/Criminal action, let’s shame him socially and publically. Name him, let’s make that B* (in)famous.”

Check out some of the reactions below :


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