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2 months ago

Bigg Boss celebrity ADK asked one of the haters of him to pass his address in order to send his housemate Ram to his house. The rapper lost his cool after the online user advised Ram not to get close to ADK and accused the him of back-biting.

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It all started after ADK uploaded a tweet in his official Twitter handle, updating that he is leaving to Salem along with his Bigg Boss housemate Ram. He tagged Ram’s handle in his tweet.

Check out his tweet below :

adk 1

Reacting to the same, a user named Subuhan Sathali, came up with a reply degrading ADK. “Don’t get close to this guy, your life won’t be good. You have a good future but this guy kills time by talking behind people’s back. He will also talk about you behind your back” the user commented.

“He is also a guy with jealousy, getting close to these kind of people is equal to spending money to damage our own life” the user’s comment further read.

Check it out below :


The tweet grabbed the attention of ADK himself who immediately replied saying “Seri, un address pass pannu ram ah anupinvaikiren” (Pass me your address, I will send Ram)

Here’s the screenshot of his reply :


ADK, one of the prominent contestants of Bigg Boss season 6, on Tuesday, came up with a tweet in his official Twitter handle, stating that the fame for the contestants of Bigg Boss season 6 members, will only last till the start of the next season. Earlier, he came up with a tweet expressing his dejection over Dhanalakshmi and Azeem defaming Vikraman in the fans meet conducted by Behindwoods youtube channel.

Behindwoods YouTube channel conducted a fans meet for Bigg Boss winner Azeem and Dhanalakshmi made a special appearance to interact with the fans. During her speech, Dhanalakshmi said that she likes Azeem so much because of his transparent nature.

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Talking about the “inappropriate” push controversy, Dhana asked “What is mean by “Abuse”? Abuse means, if someone touches you in a wrong way, it is abuse. Play that Footage now and show me if he ever touched me in that way. I got angry at that moment because he pushed me in a harsh manner but I won’t accept it if you say that it is to abuse me” Dhana said.


Further, Dhana went on to express her displeasure over the way Vikraman played his game. The Bigg Boss contestant said that she didn’t even turn Vikraman’s direction during “Bigg Boss” Kondattam show. On seeing the same, many online users who saw the show, came up with videos and tweets to prove about Dhana’s accusation against Azeem.

Reacting to it, ADK, a rapper by profession who appeared in the season 6 of Bigg Boss show till the very last, came up with a tweet in his official twitter handle, expressing his displeasure over the opinions of Dhanalakshmi and Azeem.” There is a huge difference between man handling someone and a piece of cloth getting torn during a healthy game” ADK initially said through his tweet after seeing the interview.


In his next tweet, ADK said “This Bigg Boss fame will only last till the start of next season. so don’t defame others on interview rather work towards your career. Use the media to promote your next work despite of spitting on your co-contestants. The show is over and move into reality!” 


After spending 98 days inside the Bigg Boss house, ADK got eliminated from the show due to the less number of votes he received from the viewers comparing to the contestants who got nominated with him. Ever since coming out of the house, ADK has been spending quality time with his Bigg Boss housemates.

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