Sellur Raju’s Comment About Sixer & No Ball Made People Go ROFL !!


Tamil nadu politician Sellur Raju who is currently representing the AIADMK party, is famous in social media for his political stunts. He gained widespread fame after trying to use thermocol to reduce water evaporation from the Vaigai Dam in the year 2017. He invited media to witness his technique and became a troll material in social media. Since then, the minister for Co-operation is being fondly called as “Scientist” Sellur Raju by netizens.

Sellur Raju

Now, a statement he made against the opposition party has created waves in the social media platforms. Amidst the IPL season, in which people are widely discussing about the game of cricket, Sellur Raju came up with a statement comparing the current political state of Tamil nadu with cricket. He reportedly said that the balls Chief minister Edappadi Pazhaniswamy facing are going for sixers.

However, what came next from him cracked up the Internet. According to Puthiya Thalaimurai, Raju said that the balls being faced by the leader of opposition party are no balls. Sellur, being a party member of AIADMK, would have thought that the statement he made favours his own party.

On seeing this, netizens came up with reactions explaining that no balls favours the batsman who is facing the ball. This denotes that Sellur Raju, unknowingly made a statement favouring the opposition party leaders due to his lack of knowledge in the game of cricket.

A Twitter user compared the statement of Sellur Raju with a popular scene in Chennai 28 film where a politician would ask the protagonist whether he is going to do “fielding” or “bowling” after winning the toss. Another user said that not only “no ball”, even free hit which follows a no ball will also benefit the batsman.

Check out some of such reactions below :

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