Seeman Lied To This Anchor About Lending Song To “Asuran” Team?? Here’s The Truth

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5 months ago

For the past two days, a video of journalist Vishan talking about a political leader who lives a life out of lies is trending in the social media platforms. Though he didn’t mention about a particular leader, on seeing the video, many believed that Vishan is talking about “Naam Tamizhar” leader Seeman. Now, followers of the director cum politician came up with a video claiming that what Seeman said was true and criticized the Galatta YouTube channel’s journalist.


“This is about a prominent political party leader who is very well known among the public. During election, I traveled with him a lot. There’s two kind of liars in which one will tell lies only when it’s needed but the other one would be living a life out of lies. The man I’m talking about belongs to the latter category” Vishan said in the interview.

“I spent time with many political leaders during that election time and he is the one with whom I spent most of the time. We traveled nearly 300 kilometres and campaigned in 10 constitution” Vishan said and went on to state two examples to denote his views about him.

“A person who came with me said that former chief minister Edappadi Pazhaniswamy scored big time among the students by making them all pass. In reply, that leader said that he was the one who phone called EPS and asked him to make all pass” said Vishan and made the interviewer laugh.

“He also said that the famous “Ellu Vaya Pookalaye” song from Asuran was his tune and he gave it to Vetri Maaran and GV Prakash when they came to meet him. He said that he denied receiving credits from them after lending the tune” the journalist further said.

Watch the video below :

The video caused severe troll against the political leader who is already being criticized for the statements he made about his relationship with LTTE leader Prabhakaran.

However, now, the supporters of Seeman came up with a video that shows the NTK leader singing a song that is similar to “Ellu Vaya Pookalaye”.

Here’s the video :

Uploading the video, supporters of Seeman condemned Vishan and claimed whatever was said by him were true.


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