See How Vijay & Raghava Lawrence Joined Hands To Bring Smile On The Faces Of These Kids


When two good hearted people join hands to bring million smiles at once!

We all know
how much Raghava Lawrence has done to ensure the happiness of so many less
privileged kids. He has given most of his earnings to give a better life for
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And when
these 60 kids had a wish to watch the latest THERI movie, he undoubtedly made it a
point to fulfil their wish!! He immediately contacted Vijay and told this.
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Now, what do
you expect from another good natured human?? Vijay obviously outdid himself by
arranging an entire theatre with special show for these kids. When Lawence thought
he would help him with securing tickets, Vijay went out of his way in arranging
a special show!
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This brought
a huge smile on those kids’ faces and an unforgettable day in their life! This
gesture by Vijay is very commendable. And the effort that Lawrence took to
fulfil these kids’ wishes should be appreciated too. 
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