See how “The Vidyas” respond for the “TheVidyas” post which went viral

2 Days back “TheVidyas” status post went viral across the internet and here’s what those girls had to say about the incident and how bad they felt after the immature behavior by the fellow netizens..

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‪#‎the_vidyas_respond‬ Thank you. We owe you that much. Thank you to the special friend who took the screenshot and circulated it. Your performance speaks a lot about you. We were initially angry, very angry but then we decided to forgive you considering the pain you are already in; the pain of leading a spice-less and depressing existence, forcing you to do what you did. We hope life gets better for you. Thank you to everyone who forwarded the screenshot on every social networking platform there is; for making us go viral overnight; for making us the trending meme. We know that you did not mean to embarrass us. We were just another picture, one of the many that you post every day on your favourite WhatsApp group, patiently counting the number of ‘LOLs’ and emojis you get for doing so. It is not your fault actually, we are part of a society that finds happiness at the embarrassment of others. We wish you the best and hope that one day you too get the opportunity to bring joy to the world by turning into a meme. Thank you to the hundreds of men who sent us friendship requests, poked us and made our ‘other messages’ folder vibrant, coated with frustrated testosterone. We apologize for not replying to your artistic messages, but we are sure that the messages we received can be used as a sample set by the Survey of India to determine the standard of our Indian men. I hope they contact us soon. Thank you to the few souls who stood up for us. You deserve to be told that people like you are special and that your existence needs to be celebrated, for you are a dying breed, just like our national animal. P.S- We initially changed our names on Facebook and even went to the extent of deactivating our account. Then it dawned upon us that this wasn’t a good enough reason to hide. There was a difference in our perception of the word and between that of those who circulated it. The reason being lack of innocence.

 Srividya Sivaram”

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