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Searching For Her Mother At Night, This PRE-KG Daughter Fell Down & Died !!

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Searching For Her Mother At Night, This PRE-KG Daughter Fell Down & Died !!

In a freak accident in Chennai, a four-year-old girl died after she fell from the seventh floor of her apartment.


Sharada, a pre-kindergarten student, lived with her parents Geetha and Gopal in a one-room apartment in Choolaimedu, Chennai. On Wednesday night, when Sharada was asleep, her mother went out with Sharada’s sister to meet a family that lived on the sixth floor in the same apartment complex, leaving the four-year-old alone in the house.

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In the meantime, Sharada woke up and started looking for her mother in her house. When she went to the balcony in search of her mother, she accidentally slipped through the gap in the balcony railing and fell down.


According to reports , she was rushed to a hospital, from where she was referred to the Egmore Childrens’ Hospital. She died at the Egmore hospital on Thursday morning.

Sharada with her parents, Geetha and Gopal

Sharada’s father Gopal hails from Nepal and works at a construction company in Chennai. The family was allotted this apartment by the company.

The police have registered a case and are investigating.

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The number of similar accidents has been on the rise in the city.


Recently a three-year-old boy fell to his death from the terrace of his building in Adyar. According to reports, he was playing near the parapet wall when the incident happened, said the police.

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In March this year, a two-month-old infant slipped from his mother’s arms and fell from the terrace of a building in West Mambalam in Chennai. The accident happened when the child’s mother went to the terrace with the boy in her arms to put wet clothes out to dry.

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