School Question Paper Teaches Students That “Dalits” Are “Untouchables”?? OUTRAGEOUS !!

In this modern era where most of the youngsters believes that Casteism does not exist, we can see the people from the same age group embracing their caste which is evident through their second name in their personal social media accounts.


Several number of youngsters have started taking to social media to glorify and deify members of their community involved with caste-based violence, including murder. They have also taken to using memes and selfie videos to spread messages of hate against other communities. Members of those communities too retaliate in a similar fashion on social media, mainly WhatsApp and Facebook. Even freedom fighters and leaders, respected across the board like Kamaraj, Ambedkar are targeted.

end caste discrimination

Now, in a way of adding fuel to it, a picture is doing rounds in twitter where we can see a question paper asking 6th standard students who dalits are. The options given to answer this question are toxic to the core. “Foreigners, Untouchables, Middle Class, Upper class” are the options given to the students. It also contained question about the common stereotype of Muslims.

Check out the picture here :



This picture created huge outrage in Twitter as people started slamming the school management for framing such questions. Check out some their reactions here :


This even gained the attention of DMK leader Stalin who expressed his opinion by writing “Shocked and appalled to see that a Class 6 Kendriya Vidyalaya exam contains questions that propagate caste discrimination and communal division. Those who are responsible for drafting this Question Paper must be prosecuted under appropriate provisions of law.” in his official twitter account.

However, some sources also suggests that the particular school mentioned never prepared such question paper and the management has nothing to do with what is spreading now. What do you think on this ?? Comment your views below !!


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