School/College Managements Stressing Students To Get Fees ??

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Followed by Telangana government, Tamilnadu government announced the cancellation of public exams for class 10 students on tuesday due to the threaten created by COVID 19 virus which killed more than 4 lakh people worldwide. Now, celebrities of Tamil cinema raised voice against the stress being created by school management to children in the name of “online classes”.


As the lockdown got extended for four consecutive times, school managements of Tamilnadu started teaching students through online. Radio Jockey cum actor RJ Balaji who is known for raising voice for social causes, uploaded a video questioning the necessity of online classes. He alleged that not every student are wealthy enough to afford online classes and asked the schoold managements of Tamilnadu to look for alternative solutions to teach the students.


“When you are conducting classes for 8 hours straight a day, how could they (children) able to handle the stress being imposed on them ?? There are chances for them to get affected physically and mentally. We have seen Doctors advising elders not to spend most of their time in system and cell phone, think of children and college students. When will happen to their eyes and necks if they keep concentrating on those screens ??” Balaji questioned.

“Yes I can understand that you have to conduct those classes to receive fees from the parents.” Balaji mocked the school managements. “I can understand that you have to finish the syllabus. But is this the right solution ?? Ain’t it a stress for teachers themselves ?? In some schools, teachers are uploading videos and children are watching it when they are comfortable. Or you can give deadlines for assignments to make them learn” he suggested through his Instagram video.

Watch the video here :


He also asked the school managements to see for alternative ideas from neighbour states. “If our children are using computer and cell phones for 8 hours a day, think of the current bill charges. And not every children have the facility in their houses to afford online classes. So please reevaluate the structure of online classes. It is kind request from a parent” he said in his video.

On seeing this video from the actor, many students came in to support his opinions. They started calling him “Thalaivaa” and one of an Instagram user wanted him as next Chief minister of Tamilnadu. Check out some of their comments below :


Veteran actress Radhika also questioned the same on seeing a video of a two and half year old kid taking online class for play school twitter. “I don’t understand why are schools doing this online classes for two yr olds, what could their attention span be? Parents will end up doing toddles classes” her tweet read.

Check out her tweet and video here :


To one of an user who said that it is to get fees, Radhika replied “That’s taking the easy route” with angry emojis.

Comment your views on schools conducting online classes and the stress being imposed on kids through it !!

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