Here’s What Sasikala Did Before Judgement Day-Ten Facts

Ahead of the case, Sasikala spent a night with her supporters at the Golden Bay resort, Koovathur where she has kept about 120 of her supporting legislators housed, or more properly captured. As the Supreme Court is expected to give it’s final verdict today, the AIADMK supremo’s party is feeling a tensed situation right now. If the case is against Sasikala, she won’t be able to hold office or participate in any election for 6 more years. Here’s everything that has happened till now before the case.

1) Justices Pinaki Chandra Ghosh and Justice Amitava Roy will give separate judgements. If they’re verdicts are different, the case would be forwarded to a three judges bench, which will hear the case all over again.

2) Sasikala with teary eyes told her supporters that she heard people saying her that she should look after the state just like Amma did.

3) The governor was met by both Sasikala and Panneerselvam who both claimed that it was their rights to form the government thus becoming Chief Minister of the state.

4) The governor hasn’t concluded his verdict as of who’d be the Chief Minister yet. Sources say that he’s waiting for the judgment of the case against Sasikala which if gone against her, would make the anointment of Chief Minister an easy task.

5) Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi has asked the governor to have a voting done by all the 234 lawmakers of the Tamil Nadu’s assembly, who’d decide who the next Chief Minster would be.

6) Panneerselvam’s claim include that many out of the 120+ people held captive in Koovathur would support his cause, had they been left free.

7) The delay in judgment has eventually made Panneerselvam’s group stronger every passing day.

8) Panneerselvam, who started as a lone wolf, now has more than 12 MP’s and 8 lawmakers of the state. He’s keen on making sure that he reduces Sasikala’s support to less than 118, which’d make her lose the single majority.

9) If a situation arises, then it’d be left for the MLA’s of DMK party to decide to whom their support would be handed to. If there is a composite floor test, then 89 of the DMK MLA’s would be a turning point in this event. Congress has told that it wouldn’t take sides but seeing the history of the state, it’d most probably go with supporting DMK’s stake.

10) After repeated complaints about their area MLA’s going missing, police has supported their verdict to the court after inspections saying that all 119 MLA’s at the resort are safe. But still there’s an inspection going on, two know the whereabouts of two MLA’s. Those after which the case has been filed.


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