Samantha’s Tweet About Her Health Saddened Her Fans!!

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CM / Updated: 2023-04-12
15:47 IST

Samantha Ruth Prabhu who is busy promoting her upcoming film “Shaakunthalam”, on Wednesday, uploaded a tweet in her official Twitter handle, updating about her health. The actress, to her fans, said that she is down with a fever and lost her voice and went on to update that couldn’t attend the upcoming promotional event of her film.

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The tweet saddened many fans of the actress which is evident through their comments under the post of Samantha. With many requesting Samantha to take care of her health, a number of fans felt bad that they couldn’t witness the actress in the upcoming promotional event.


It is notable that the “Super Deluxe” actress she got diagnosed with an auto immune condition called “Myositis” through one of her Instagram post. She who was looking to share about it to her followers after getting cured, realized that it is taking too long than expected and uploaded the post believing ” This shall too pass”

Recently, Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu broke down in tears on air while interacting with a female host for an interview. In the interview which took place to promote her film “Yashodha”, she opened about her health. The actress who got emotional, said that she is not at a life-threatening stage and expressed her wish over how the media could have avoided the exaggeration.


Most lately, Samantha was actively attending the promotional events of her upcoming film “Shaakunthalam”. With just two days to go for the release of her most awaited film, Samantha came up with an unexpected tweets and made her fans sad. In her tweet, Samantha said that the hectic schedules and promotions has taken its toll and the actress is currently down with a fever and lost her voice. She also requested her fans to join the team of “Shaakunthalam” in one of the upcoming events and said that she will miss them.

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“I was really excited to be amongst you all this week promoting my film and soaking in your love. Unfortunately, the hectic schedules and promotions have taken its toll, and I am down with a fever and have lost my voice” read the tweet of the actress who went on to add “Please join team #Shaakuntalam at the Annual Day Event of MLRIT this evening… will miss you ♥️”

Here’s her tweets :

On seeing the tweets, many fans of the actress started expressing their concern over the actress’s health. “Enadhu en chellathuku fever ah 🙁 You woman there, yes you. Take care of your health,drink more water, sit back and rest now. Look after your fever while we look after our #ShakuntalamFever 🤍 my prayers will always be with you Sam. God bless you angel loveyou ” a follower wrote whereas another fan said “Oh god pls drive away all forms of sickness and disease from our Sam. Restore strength to her body and joy to her spirit, so that in her renewed health, I may bless and serve u, now and forevermore. Take care. So much love to u. I miss u so much my love @Samanthaprabhu2 ma’am”

Here’s some of their comments :

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In the meantime, a number of haters of the actress started spewing hatred at her, claiming that she is creating sympathy for the success of her film to which the actress’s genuine fans defended her.

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Shaakuntalam is a Pan-India mythological romantic drama based on the popular Indian play Shakuntala by Kalidasa. The story revolves around Shakuntala, the wife of King Dushyant, and the mother of Emperor Bharata. The film will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada, catering to a wider audience. Samantha’s performance in the film is highly anticipated, and fans are eager to see her bring the character of Shakuntala to life on the big screen.


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