Samantha & Chinmayi Roasting Pooja Hegde !!

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CM / Updated: 2020-05-29
11:29 IST

Even since the story of Pooja Hegde surfaced in her official Instagram account, the screenshot of it is still doing rounds, though the actress deleted it by saying that her account got hacked. Now, in a similar way, a screenshot of Samantha and Chinmayi’s conversation in director Nandhini Reddy’s post is doing rounds in the micro blogging site under the hashtag #WeSupportPoojaHegde

Nandini Reddy who directed Samantha in her “Oh baby”, uploaded a post of Samantha’s picture with a caption saying “Pretty crazy…. pretty annoying… pretty stubborn ….. pretty mean(when she wants to be )….. pretty much baby 😂😂😂😂 @samantharuthprabhuoffl you are Pretty much all those things and that’s why we love u”

Check out her post here :


Nandini used the word “Pretty” six times in her post to mock the Instagram story of Pooja Hegde in which it was written “I don’t find her pretty at all” with a picture of Samantha. Though the actress claimed that her account was hacked when that post was uploaded in her account, no one including Samantha believed, it seems.


In the comment section of Nandini’s post, Samantha replied with a “Love you” comment to which Nandini replied back by writing “What the hack… love you too” . An excited Samantha replied back with a “ROFL” and called her as “Evil”. She said Nandini is her best friend because of this kind of bonding. For being called as “Evil”, Nandini said that her brain got hacked by evil aliens. This is where Chinmayi made her entry by asking Chinmayi to love her too. “I am needdyy. My account isn’t hacked” Chinmayi wrote to which Nandini said that she need to be evil to be hacked. “Please apply after upgrade” Nandini said. Samantha, replying to both of them, wrote “all jokes on hacking are suspended until further notice” targeting Pooja Hegde.

Though the trio deleted their comments, screenshot of the same is trending in twitter with various kind of reactions from the online users. Check out the screenshot of their conversation below :

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“Infact I would hv supported Samantha but after seeing the bully she did along with nandu n co .. am sry Samantha u lost ur dignity as fellow human” wrote one of a fan to express her opinion whereas another one wrote “Pooja is an idiot..Samantha ,chinmayi and nandini are bigger idiots”

Check out some of the reactions the above conversation is receiving :


It all started when Pooja Hegde posted a story saying “I don’t find her pretty at all”



However, the actress came up with a couple of tweets saying that her Instagram account was hacked by someone. She said that she was informed by her team that her account was hacked. However, it got recovered within minutes, according to the actress.

Comment your views on this conversation and the reactions it is receiving !!

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