Sam Jaisunder & Others Of Christian Missionary Group Sent Inappropriate Texts To Girls !! Screenshots Goes Viral


Sam Jaisunder, director of “Scripture union”, a Christian evangelical organisation in Tamil nadu, has been accused of sending inappropriate messages to girl children in schools. The screenshots of his messages are being widely shared in the social media platforms, seeking immediate legal action against the accused. Chinmayi Sripaada of MeToo movement also shared a number of screenshots that should be added in the thread uploaded by Joel Giftson.

Joel accused Sam Jaisunder of asking girls around the country to video call him, meet him alone to “cuddle” with them. Joel said that this is going on from 2016 as far as he know and the number are victims are increasing. There was no legal action has been taken against the accused so far, said Joel. “Let’s stop our children from being victims of sexual harassments in school. I’ll share some screenshots of the girls that have put stories in Instagram.” Joe wrote in his tweet.

Check out the screenshot of the stories of some girls shared by Joel :


Further, Joel shared a screenshot of Sam’s messages to a victim in which we could see Sam insisting her to send pictures of herself to him.

Check out the further tweets shared by Joel which were sent to him by the victims.

Reuben Clement, another employee of the organisation has also committed similar crime.

Singer Chinmayi also shared the screenshots of the messages she received from a victim, complaining against the accused.

Joel also said that he complained about the matter to the cops and the necessary actions have been taken.

Joel also said that the union has already come out in support of Sam jaisunder and asked the girls not to make this as an issue.

Scripture Union is an International Christian evangelical organisation which works closely with schools to make people read the Bible.

Update : The firm has suspended Samuel Jaisundar and said that the investigation is going to be conducted. Three other staffs including Mr. Ruben, Mr. Albert and Ms. Janet are being investigated, according to the firm.


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