Sakshi Calls Dhoni’s Haters As “Mentally Unstable” !!

In a way of responding to the notorious hashtag #DhoniRetires, Sakshi dhoni, wife of the former Indian captain came up with a response to the vicious twitter users. The hashtag consisted enormous number of tweets, in which many of them spewed hatred at the world cup winning captain. Majority number of tweets pointed out the bad performances of the cricketer in his 16 year long cricketing career. However, fans of the cricketer came up with a hashtag to counter attack the negative hashtag. #DhoniNeverTires the hashtag said, under which fans praised him for his achievements. (Also Read : Hashtag #DhoniRetires Started Trending !! Twitter Explodes)



Sakshi Dhoni, wife of the cricketer, came front and rubbished the rumours on the retirement of her husband. Apart from the tweets of twitter users, few media portals also said that the cricketer is going to announce his retirement soon. Few reports also suggested that Dhoni is going to open about his retirement announcement soon to BCCI. He has opened his mind about the retirement to his close friends, the reports said.


In a way of clearing the air, Sakshi posted a tweet slamming people who were the reason behind the negative hashtag. She said that people have gone mad due to the lockdown stress and asked them to get a life. “Its only rumours !! I understand lockdown has made people mentally unstable. #DhoniRetires.. Get a life” read her tweet.


Check out the screenshot of her tweet here :


However, she deleted the tweet minutes after it went viral across social media platforms. This is not the first time Sakshi raising her voice against the baseless rumours regarding her husband’s retirement. In September last year, many fans started speculating that Dhoni is going to announce retirement after seeing one of a post uploaded by Kohli. In the post, Kohli praised his senior for his motivation in a game that made India win. The timing of the tweet made fans to speculate that Dhoni is retiring.

At that time, Sakshi posted a tweet writing “Its called rumours !” to clear the air.


Few days ago, when reports suggested that Dhoni has provided only one lakh for Coronavirus fund relief, Sakshi posted a tweet saying “I request all media houses to stop carrying out false news at sensitive times like these ! Shame on You ! I wonder where responsible journalism has disappeared !”

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