S.Ve Shekar’s Comment On Rajini Makkal Mandram Triggered Superstar Fans !!


BJP’s S.Ve Shekar has posted a tweet saying that Rajinikanth’s political party workers are working equal to the workers of BJP party in this Coronavirus outbreak in Tamilnadu. In his tweet, S.Ve Shekar said both their parties are providing relief materials equal to the government. He lauded the Rajinikanth Makkal Mandram workers through his twitter by tagging Superstar Rajinikanth and a number media houses.

“Workers of Rajini Makkal Mandram are providing relief materials to all the districts of the state including villages. Their service is equal to government and RSS.” S.Ve Shekar said in his tweet. “அரசுக்கு இணையாக நிவாரணப்பொருட்களை அனைத்து மாவட்டம், கிராமப்பகுதி உள்பட அதிகமான சேவை செய்வது (RSSக்கு இணையாக) ரஜினி மக்கள் மன்றத்தினர்.” read his tweet.

Check out his tweet below :

Being a Tamil playwright and film actor, S.Ve Shekar made an entry into politics by contesting and winning the Legislative Assembly Elections as an AIADMK candidate from Mylapore in 2006. He was expelled from AIADMK on 30 July 2009. He later joined the Indian National Congress. Now he is in BJP. On behalf of his political party, S.Ve Shekar has been expressing his views and opinions regarding tamilnadu politics through his micro blogging social media site lately.

While there is a strong speculation regarding Superstar Rajinikanth’s collaboration with BJP, this tweet from S.Ve Shekar made many of the twitter users to confirm that Rajinikanth is going to join hands with BJP. However, this tweet from the politician triggered many people, including few fans of Rajinikanth to confront. Check out some of their reactions below :

In one of a recent interaction with media, Rajinikanth said that no one can colour him in saffron. Talking about BJP members portraying Thiruvalluvar as a Hindu poet, the Superstar actor said “Be it Thiruvalluvar or me, no one can colour saffron on us” he said in the interaction.

Watch the old video here :

However, the Superstar actor extended his support for the recent campaigns initiated by PM Narendra Modi regarding the Coronavirus. What do you think on this tweet of S.Ve Shekar ?? Will rajinikanth join BJP party ?? Comment your views !!


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