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S.Ve Shekar Confessed About The Black Money Circulation Of BJP In The Tamil nadu Assembly Election ??



S.Ve Shekar Confessed About The Black Money Circulation Of BJP In The Tamil nadu Assembly Election ??

It has been reported that popular actor cum politician S.Ve Shekar of BJP party has confessed about the illegal money spent by the party in Tamil nadu state during the Tamil nadu assembly election. In a twitter space that took place between the close aides of the BJP party, S.Ve Shekar has reportedly made the statement and caught in controversy. The screen recorder of the twitter space is doing rounds in social media platforms with reactions questioning the total money spent by the party for the recently held election.


After 2001 elections, in which BJP allied with DMK and won four seats, the party had own four seats again in 2021 elections, this time allying with AIADMK. The party didn’t win any seat in the elections of 2006, 11 and 16. The party became eligible to enter the legislative Assembly for the first time in 20 years, after winning four seats in the state.

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In the 20 constituencies they contested, Veteran leader MR Gandhi, BJP’s national women’s wing president Vanathi Srinivasan, former minister Nayinar Nagendran and CK Saraswathi managed to register their win in Nagercoil, Coimbatore (South), Modakurichi and Tirunelveli respectively. However, some of the main faces of the party such as senior leader H.Raja, BJP state president L Murugan, Actress Khushboo, Former IAS officer Annamalai lost in the constituencies they contested.

Now, to our shock, S.Ve Shekar, while having a conversation with his party members, confessed that he heard about each candidate of party were given Rs. 13 crore and asked whether they showed data for the money spent. According to this statement of him, it has been said that a total amount of Rs. 260 crore could have been circulated illegally in the Tamil nadu assembly election 2021 on behalf of BJP party.

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The statement of the comedy actor cum politician has created huge controversy among the circle of Tamil nadu politics. The Twitter space took place between the supporters of BJP party and they were reportedly discussing about the reason behind the loss of the party in the state. “We are having this conversation between our close circle. I heard that each candidate were given Rs. 13 crore for the election. Do the winners and losers providing right data for the money they were given ?? They must give, right ??” S.Ve Shekar could be heard saying in the video.

Listen to the audio below :

The audio that is doing rounds in social media platforms has caused various kind of reactions among the users of it. “One of my friends said that he bought Rs. 2000 per vote in Coimbatore-south constituency. So there is a huge chance of black money circulation” a social media user said. Check out some of the reactions below :


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