S. VE Shekar Came In Support Of Simbu’s Today Speech !! Got Trolled Brutally !!

4 years ago

“I only asked my fans to give milk to people in large vessels, I did not asked them to waste milk on my banner, you can see it in the video” says STR in his recent press interview.

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Few days ago STR released a selfie video requesting his fans not to waste money on buying black tickets. He also asked them not to spend money and energy on celebrations such as raising cut outs, flex on the release day of his Vantha Raajava Thaan Varuven. “Instead buy a saree for your mother, shirt for your father and atleast chocolate for your sister. I want you to post the video on social media which will be the biggest happiness for me” said the actor in the video.

The statement received a mixed response. While many appreciated his efforts to end the dangerous Kollywood tradition, many trolled Simbu saying that he doesn’t have such a big fan following and who will celebrate his films in such a manner.


This led Simbu to come up with another video. In the new one, he went back on his earlier statements and asked his fans to celebrate the release of Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven in a grand manner and pour milk from large containers.

This led to serious criticism from the audience and the actor was slammed for misleading his fans. Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Association filed a complaint against in Police Commissioner office for encouraging his fans to waste milk.


Now, Simbu has come up with new statements regarding his contradicting requests to his fans. Speaking to media, the actor said he never wanted his fans to pour milk over his cutouts.

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STR said that he issued the first statement to bring about a change in the society but it didn’t reach the people properly. An entertainment website quoted him as saying, “Negative statements will become viral easily and that’s why I said so.”

He said, “I didn’t actually ask my fans to do milk abhishekam for me. What I actually meant was to provide containers of milk to people who are in desperate need of it.”

The actor is getting trolled for the latest statement, which is again contradicting his second video. But S.Ve Shekar a BJP politician has waved his supporting flag to the actor’s contradicting statements. In his twitter account he said “₹40 கோடிகளுக்கு மேல் வியாபாரம் ஆகும் ஒரு இளம் கதா நாயகன் சிம்புவை கலாய்ப்பதாக நினைத்து அபத்தமாக போடப்பட்ட பதிவின் எதிர்வினையே சிம்புவின் பதில். சினிமாவில் இருக்கும் சிலர் அபூர்வமாக அறிவுபூர்வமாக பேசினால் உணர்சிமிகுதியில் அதிர்ச்சி அடைகிறார்கள். MY SUPPORTS TO SIMBU. 👍💐🇮🇳” (Simbu’s answer is a reflection to those who mocked him in the name of trolling. He is a young hero who has market worth more than 40 crores. It is shocking for them to see if any of the few talk intellectually in cinema)

Mahat Raghavendra, dearest friend of Simbu endorsed his tweet by replying to it.

Check out the reactions both are receiving here :


Meanwhile, Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven, directed by Sundar C and starring Megha Akash, Ramya Krishnan and Catherine Tresa, is all set to hit the theatres on February 1.

What do you think on Simbu getting S.Ve Shekar’s support !! Comment below !!

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