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S.V Shekar Tried To Make A “Joke” On Diwali Crackers Timing !! Got Brutally Trolled !!



S.V Shekar Tried To Make A “Joke” On Diwali Crackers Timing !! Got Brutally Trolled !!

BJP , the powerful national party has not attracted Tamilnadu people with their ideologies yet though Prime minister of the nation owns it. The Tamilnadu leaders of the national party are best examples for why people hate that party the most.


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For example S Ve Shekher shared a Facebook post written by Thirumalai Sa., which didn’t name the journalist in the incident. The Facebook post shared by Shekher is titled “Madurai University, Governor and the Virgin Cheeks of a Girl”. It claimed that more sexual abuses happen in media houses than in universities. It also claimed that a woman cannot become a reporter or news reader without sleeping with bigwigs. This made a huge controversy and court ordered to arrest S.Ve Shekar which did not happened still.

201804231007366271 S Ve Shekher denies hiding reveals his whereabouts SECVPF

His controversial tweets always made a buzz among the people. Following the Supreme Court orders restricting the burning of firecrackers outside a stipulated time, the Tamil Nadu police was seen cracking down on the violators. According to sources, 622 cases were registered against 700 persons by the police as on Tuesday for bursting firecrackers outside the time fixed by the state government.

Image result for diwali crackers bursting Shekar poster a tweet this morning which looked like some kind of a Joke to which he got trolled brutally be the twitter users.


In his post he wrote “Police : Why are you bursting cracker that makes this much noise ??” Sir, I only lit Flowerpot cracker. It went wrong”

Check out his post here :

For this tweet he got brutally trolled by the followers. Check out some of their comments here :

Image result for diwali crackers bursting

Reportedly, the police have booked the violators under the Sections 291(Continuance of nuisance after injunction to discontinue), and 188 (Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant), 268 (public nuisance) of the Indian Penal Code. However, in some districts, only FIR’s were lodged against the accused and they were soon let out on bails.


What do you think on this joke of S.V Shekar ?? Comment your views !!

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