‘Rudra Thandavam’ Of Mohan G To Get Banned?

A complaint petition was filed by the Ministry of Minority Welfare to ban the movie ‘Rudra Thandavam’ at the office of DGP for misrepresenting a particular religion. 

Rudra Thandavam is a Tamil action movie, directed by Mohan G. Richard Rishi and Dharsha Gupta are acted as the hero and heroine of the movie. Gautham Vasudev Menon, Thambi Ramaiah, Radha Ravi, and Deepa are the other main characters of the movie. 

The director Mohan G’s first direction was the movie, Pazhaya Vannarapettai (2016) which gained a huge fan base for him in the first movie itself. He came up with the movie Draupathi which highlighted the social issues of a particular community. On this note, cinema fans were waiting for his next movie. 

The trailer of Mohan G’s next movie, Rudra Thandavam was uploaded on YouTube last week. Within a week the video has gained more than 5 million views. It was expected for the release of the movie before the of this year. 

It is clearly understood from the trailer that the director had highlighted some social issues even in this film. There is a dialogue in reference to the religion Christianity and it seems there is an involvement of caste politics in the movie, Rudra Thandavam. 

The trailer video is going viral among the netizens who are expressing their views as comments. It is expected that the movie will gain more profit than his last movie Draupathi. On this note, a complaint was registered to ban the movie, Rudra Thandavam at the office of DGP.

The complaint was registered by the Ministry of Minority Welfare to ban the movie Rudra Thandavam directed by Mohan G. It was reported, the Ministry of Minority Welfare states that the is misrepresenting the Christianity community. They further added that the movie might cause a religious riot among the common people. 

In order to avoid such issues of religious and caste politics, the Ministry of Minority Welfare is stating to ban the movie. They even requested the DGP in the complaint to take action against the director Mohan G for making such a film. 

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