RSS Ideologist Compared NEET Students With Love Failures !!

3 years ago

Swaminathan Gurumurthy who is popularly known as Thuglak Gurumurthy, compared the suicides that are taking place due to NEET examination with the suicides of Love failures in the country. This statement from the Thuglak magazine editor and RSS ideologue caused severe trolls in the micro blogging social media site.


After Jyoti Sri Durga, a Madurai based medical aspirant who committed suicide due to the fear of facing NEET, two more students ended their life on Saturday due to the fear of facing the entrance examination called as “NEET”. Jyoti wrote a letter to her loved ones before hanging herself in her home in Madurai whereas two more male students who belongs to Dharmapuri and Namakkal district died by suicide.

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These reports created huge outrage in the state as a large number of people raised voice against the NEET examination. Actor Suriya who is also known for his socially responsible activities such as providing free education to poor students, released a statement slamming the system which forced students of take such decision. Read : Suriya To Be Punished For His Statement Against NEET ??

The actor’s statement made a huge impact in the Internet as the supporters of the ruling government started confronting the actor’s press release with their tweets and posts. Gurumurthy, in a series of tweets wrote “A fake debate is on in Tamil Nadu based on 3 suicides due to NEET. Truth is, the number of suicides due to choice has been declining since the advent of NEET. Suicide due to exams in Tamil Nadu in 2015 322. 215 in 2019 (NCRB Reports 2015 & 2019 on accidental deaths & suicides)”

S Gurumurthy

Suicides that are taking place due to examinations is common, he believed. He said NEET kills only a few comparing to other exams. “Why not ban all exams?” he asked. Further he compared the students who are dying due to the fear of facing exams with the youngsters who are killing themselves due to love failure. “The number of suicides due to love failure is 656. (2019 NCRB data) 3 times as much as the exam. Love is 3 times more guilty than NEET Exam? What to do to Valentine’s Day which promotes love. Politicians will not comment on this.” he said in his tweet.


Check out his series of tweets here :

Many found his tweet irrelevant to the debates that are going on. “Wait? You think valentine’s Day is the only reason love exists? That’s such a lonely life you lead man.” wrote one of a twitter user on seeing his love failure tweet.

Check out some of the reactions his tweet received below :


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