“Rs. 500 Fine For Not Wearing Mask Inside My Own Car ??” – Debate Over COVID 19 Protocol Enforced By Chennai City Corporation

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Chennai city corporation has enforced a COVID 19 protocol which demands a fine amount of Rs.500 from public who doesn’t wear safety mask. On Tuesday, a twitter user raised voice questioning the Chennai Traffic Police who collected Rs. 500 from her parents for not wearing a safety mask inside their own car. The tweet created a discussion among people who believe that the slapping fine on people who don’t wear mask even inside their own car is right and those who believe that it is a kind of an extortion.


On 12th of January, the state health department has increased the fine for not wearing masks from Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 by amending the rules in the Tamil nadu public health act, 1939. The order which was issued by health secretary J Radhakrishnan gave authorities the power to fine people who do not wear mask covering their noses and mouths. The order came in to effect after all the scientific evidence and studies point out that wearing mask reduces the risk of transmission of the viral infection.

However, a twitter user, parents of whom paid Rs. 500 as fine for not wearing masks inside their own car, questioned how long the Chennai Traffic Police is going to continue such “extortion” in the name of enforcing COVID 19 protocol. “My parents were fined Rs.500 tonight near Royapuram bridge for not wearing a mask inside their own car. For how long will @ChennaiTraffic continue this extortion in the name of enforcing #COVID19 protocol?” she said in her tweet by adding the picture of the receipt issued to her parents.

“How exactly is a closed, private car with two people from the same house a ‘public’ place? Now we know what’s the pathetic reality behind all those 100s of crores of fines collected every day for Covid ‘violations'” read her next tweet.

The tweet garnered different kind of reactions from the users of the micro blogging social media site. A user argued that even a two wheeler driver could claim that he is not wearing mask in his own vehicle and said that Corona won’t know whether someone is in their own vehicle or not. He was countered by another user who asked whether CM Mk Stalin paid fine when he went for cycling in ECR without wearing a safety mask. Meanwhile, one more user pointed how governments are relaxing the protocols for election campaigns, rallies and meetings.

Check out some of the reactions below :

Comment your views on people being forced to pay Rs. 500 as fine amount for not wearing mask while traveling in their own car !!

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