Rs. 250 Fine For Driving Vehicle With Less Petrol ?? BIZARRE

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CM / Updated: 2022-07-28
19:32 IST

In an unexpected turn of events, a man who belongs to Kerala received a challan from traffic police which alleged he was fined Rs. 250 for travelling in his two wheeler with less fuel. Uploading the picture of the challan he received, the individual shared a long post in his Facebook handle which is going viral in social media platforms with various kind of reactions from the users of it. However, it has been discovered that the individual has received a wrong challan and he was fined only for riding his vehicle on a one-way route.


Named as Basil Syam, the individual was on his way to work during the incident took place. He was stopped by a traffic policeman while driving in the opposite direction on a one-way street. He was asked to pay a fine amount of Rs. 250 to which he duly complied without any confrontations and left the place.

After reaching his office, Basil checked his challan and got baffled to find out that he was fined not for driving in a wrong route but for riding his vehicle with insufficient fuel. In his long facebook post, Basil explained about the whole incident and even updated that he would never ride his vehicle with less fuel and it is full always. He was riding a Royal Enfield classic 350, according to reports. The challan also said that Basil was driving without sufficient fuel with passengers.

Here’s the picture shared by Basil which is going viral in social media platforms :

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According to the post shared by Basil, it could be understood that he got a call from an official of the Motor Vehicle Department after the challan’s picture he shared went viral in social media platforms. The official confirmed about the existence of such section and added that it is not applicable for two wheelers and private vehicles.

The official further clarified that the challan is applicable only for public transport such as buses. Basil Shyam said “It was only a typing error by the officers who wrote the section. Apart from that my bike didn’t run out of petrol while I was on my way and no policeman has fined me for that”

Here’s the Facebook post shared by Basil :

Many users from online misunderstood the context by seeing the picture of the challan and has been condemning the Kerala government. It is high time for the traffic police department to restrain from making such silly blunders.


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