Rs. 1 Lakh To 1. 25 Lakh Per Day In Chennai Private Hospitals For A COVID 19 Patient ??


As the number of COVID 19 cases increased in large manner, State government notified private hospitals across the state to treat COVID 19 patients. State health department has directed the hospitals to provide treatment only as per the directed protocol of the government.

“Considering the spread of coronavirus in the state, the government has decided to include the private hospitals in the state for treatment to COVID 19 patients to prevent the spread of the communicable disease.” the order said. So far the state has registered 19,372 positive Covid 19 cases and 145 people died due to the virus.

Now, to our shock, a sting operation of Times now media has revealed the “Cash for cure” system in private hospitals of Chennai. A video they released shows a hospital authority explaining about the different types of charges for a COVID 19 patient. A series of videos that got released by the news media portal shows evidently showed that the hospitals are charging Rs. 1 Lakh for 1 days hospitalisation.

To treat a patient named as Manish, a hospital authority can be heard saying that it will cost Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000 to admit him in an AC room. “The cost estimate will be around Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000 if it is an AC room.” she says. After knowing that the patient has tested positive for two times, she goes on to add “We can admit him in the COVID block only. We cannot admit him elsewhere. There the rates must be Rs,40-50,00 per day” she says.

“Room rent will be Rs.11,000, cost of PPE will be Rs.10,000 per day, Monitors, usage of ventilators, medicines etc will be specially charged. The woman authority with safety mask on says that Rs.50,000 should be paid as an advance payment. When the relative of the patient asks for a single room, the woman discusses with her assistant and says that “Deluxe” room is available where it will be charged Rs.65,000 per day. “If he is on a ventilator then the charge will be more. It will be Rs.1 lakh to Rs.1 . 25 lakh per day” she can be heard saying. The hospitals names are not mentioned.

Watch the video below :

In another hospital, an authority asks the relatives of patients to arrange Rs.3 lakh as an advance alone.

In another videos, an authority asks relatives of a patient to arrange Rs.1-2 lakh to get him treated. Watch the video below :

During a pandemic, it is the duty of the government and hospitals to coordinate with each other and freeze a price for treatment which is affordable for the country, said Heart care foundation of India president Dr.KK Aggarwal. It is high time for the government to get their hands on this to see what’s going on in these private hospital. Is there any regulatory mechanism acting from government to monitor all these ?? We don’t know.

Source : Times now


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