Robo Shankar’s Wife Revealed The Reason Behind Her Husband’s Physical Transformation !!

CM / Updated: 2023-03-21
17:56 IST

Robo Shankar, a famous comedian who started his career on the small screen and made his way to the silver screen, has shocked his fans with his sudden weight loss. Known for his incredible mimicry skills in popular comedy shows like Asadat Panuthu Yaru and Shukuputhu Yaru, Robo Shankar was given an opportunity to act in films by impressed film celebrities who recognized his talent. Since then, he has acted in films opposite leading actors like Dhanush, Ajith, and Sivakarthikeyan, and has become a well-known comedian in the Tamil film industry.

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Robo Shankar and His Daughter

Robo Shankar’s daughter Indraja has also followed in her father’s footsteps and started her career in comedy roles in cinema. She made her debut in Vijay’s Bigil as Pandiyamma and has since appeared in other popular films, including the blockbuster hit Virumaan starring Karthi and Aditi Shankar. Both Robo Shankar and his daughter are very active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where they regularly post videos of themselves dancing and having fun.

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with his Daughter

However, it was a recent video posted by Robo Shankar that left his fans shocked. In the video, the comedian appears to have lost a significant amount of weight and looks noticeably slimmer. Fans have been quick to question whether he lost weight for a film role or due to a health issue, as photos of his new appearance have gone viral on social media.

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While there has been no official confirmation from Robo Shankar or his team regarding the reason behind his weight loss, many fans have been expressing their concern and well wishes for his health. Some have even speculated that the weight loss may have been intentional for a new film role, as actors in the Tamil film industry are known to go through extreme transformations for their characters.

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Transformation image

Regardless of the reason behind Robo Shankar’s weight loss, it is important to remember that physical appearance is not always indicative of one’s health. It is also important to respect the privacy of public figures and refrain from making assumptions or spreading rumors without factual information.

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Robo Shankar’s recent weight loss has left his fans concerned and curious about the reason behind it. However, it is important to respect his privacy and not make assumptions without factual information. Regardless of his physical appearance, Robo Shankar and his daughter Indraja continue to bring joy to their fans through their comedic performances and social media presence.

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Robo Shankar

On a brighter note, Robo Shankar and his daughter Indraja continue to entertain their fans with their hilarious videos and captivating performances. The father-daughter duo has become a favorite among Tamil cinema fans, and their popularity only seems to be growing. With more opportunities in the industry, Indraja is quickly making a name for herself as a talented comedian like her father.

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Robo Shankar’s wife revealed the actual reason behind her his physical transformation.In a recent interview conducted by indiaglitz Robo Shankar’s wife Priyanka said that her husband is healthy and is not suffering from jaundice or diabetes.

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Recently, Robo Shankar posted his photo in his social media, and the netizens started criticising him for his physical appearance. They started creating rumours like he is suffering from Jaundice or Diabetes and that’s why he is looking so weak.

Robo Shankar’s wife Priyanka opposed these statements and revealed that her husband is following healthy diet and that is reason for his transformation. She also requested not to spread rumours since its affecting her husband’s reputation.

Here is the video :

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