RJ Vignesh Replied To Those Who Spewed Hatred At Him For His Statement On “Karuppar Kootam” !!

Comedy actor and youtube influencer RJ Vigneshkanth came up with a post saying that he never shied away to exhibit his devotion towards lord Murugan while replying to those who confronted him for his recent tweet regarding “Karuppar Kootam” issue. A legal case on Surendran Natarajan of “Karuppar Kootam” youtube channel, has been registered by the Cyber Crime branch of Chennai city after BJP members made a complaint against him on Monday for making derogatory comments targeting Hindu Gods, especially on Lord Murugan.


Many influential personalities including cinema celebrities raised their voice against the youtubers for the way they conveyed their message on Hindu religion. Cases under relevant sections including Section 153 (intent to cause riot), 259 (p) (defiling a place of worship), 153 (A) (1) (a) (creating hatred between two religion) of Indian Penal code has been filed against the individual.


On Monday, along with BJP party members, several other Hindu organisations sought immediate action against a youtube channel named as “Karuppar Kootam” which allegedly made derogatory comments on Hindu lord “Muruga”. In a memorandum to District collector K Rajamani, representatives of party’s district unit and the outfits alleged a man in his Youtube channel made abusive remarks against “Kandha sashti Kavasam” which is a song dedicated to Lord Muruga.

Actor Prasanna said that he wants people who doesn’t know how to respect other people’s beliefs to be punished. “Making vulgar statements in the name of criticizing someone’s belief beyond limit is not at all good for secularism.” the actor wrote in his statement. Actor, cinematographer Natti, Actress Kasthuri, Director Gaurav raised voice against them as well. RJ Vignesh, in his statement asked “Which is obscene ? Asking us to save our body parts is obscene ?? In that case, our body parts are also obscene, right ? A broad vision is required to discern things. If we start stating opinions for argument sake, debate won’t take place. Only hatred will spread.”


Here;s his tweet :

To this tweet, many of the twitter users blamed him and accused him of pretending like being neutral. Few of them said that he belongs to DMK party and an anti-Hindu who is now acting to gain support from both sides. Check out some of their reactions :

Replying to these allegations, Vignesh came up with a screenshot of his old Instagram post in which he was wearing a devotional string before going for Pazhani Padayatra for 10th time. He said that he never hid his devotion towards the God at any time and added that he never spewed hatred against any religious belief as well. “Boss, Try Something else” he wrote in his tweet.


“2019ம் ஆண்டு ஹிந்து விரோதி , தி.க. காரன் ஆர்.ஜே.விக்னேஷ் , பத்தாவது முறையாக பழனி பாதயாத்திரை செல்ல மாலை போட்டபோது….என்னோட கடவுள் பக்தியை எந்த நேரத்திலும் மறைச்சதுமில்ல… எந்த நம்பிக்கைக்கு எதிராவும் பேசுனதுமில்ல… பாஸ், வேற ஏதாச்சும் டிரை பண்ணுங்க….!” read the tweet of RJ Vignesh.

Check out his tweet below :


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