RJ Balaji Slammed Dinamalar For Their Headlines About Him!!

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CM / Updated: 2022-05-21
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Through one of his tweets, Radio jockey cum actor RJ Balaji slammed Dinamalr daily for the headlines they chose to report about a speech he made in a college function. Explaining about the importance on the communication between male and female students in colleges, Balaji, during his speech, said films such as “Mannan”, ” Padayappa” had portrayed women in a bad light.


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The most reputed daily, in their web platform, made a headline saying that Balaji accused the films of Superstar Rajinikanth. Quoting the tweet, the actor sarcastically said “Good journalism” before criticizing them for picking what they want to make a controversial headline. Balaji also referred to famous line from “Pokkiri” movie where Nepolean will criticize a journalist by utter the headline he made for the death of a lorry driver.

Radio Jockey cum actor Balaji who is popularly known as RJ Balaji among the fans, has started promoting his upcoming film “Veetla Viseshanga”, remake of Bollywood blockbuster film “Badhaai ho” which is scheduled to release on 17th of June. He who attended a function in SSN college, talked about the importance of male and female students interacting with each other. Balaji said that the portrayal about women in the society should change and blamed some of the films that were release in Tamil nadu in the past as one of the reasons.

“Whenever I visit SSN college, I see happy faces and would feel like Rajinikanth in Sivaji as he would wonder “Wow, is this Chennai!!??” after returning from USA. I get a foreign country feel while entering this this college as girls and boys could be seen sitting together here” RJ Balaji said during his speech.


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“It might sound humorous but while visiting other colleges, I realized that male students casually talking with their female classmates is itself a luxury. There are colleges which banned male and female students talking with each other. But seeing this college letting students communicate each other makes me feel good” he further said.

“I have been working in media for past 15 years. I have seen many boys, not of your age, maybe 5 or 6 years older than you, don’t know how to communicate with a female colleague. I have seen many boys coming to me saying that they don’t like working under a female. This is a wrong attitude. Such mentality comes only due to the restrictions we are imposing between boya and girls” the film actor stated.

Balaji, further pointed out the blockbuster films of Superstar Rajinikanth and reasoned them as one of the reasons for the regressive mindset of the male youngsters in our society. “In Padayappa, a girl who studied in abroad was portrayed as a bad woman and a girl who does house keeping was showed as a good woman” said Balaji.

“There is a film named “Mannan”. I like Superstar Rajinikanth a lot. In that film, a woman who looks after a company was portrayed as toxic whereas Khushboo who was cooking for hero’s mother was shown as a good woman. We should stop blaming women and stop judging them” he added.

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Balaji further expressed his disappointment over “Nerkonda Paarvai” movie not getting right reviews in Tamilnadu and said that such mindset of people should change. “She can wear what she wants, She can go wherever she wants, She can be whoever she wants to be” said Balaji and requested the male students to make a better world for women after they come out from the college.

Extracting the Rajinikanth point of the video, Dinamalar made a headline saying “RJ Balaji accused the films of Rajinikanth”

Here’s the screenshot of their post :

rjb 1

Reacting to the news, Balaji said “Out of all the things I spoke, you only heard this and picked this as ur headline @dinamalarweb !?! 🤷‍♂️ Good journalism 👏👏 லாரி டாமால் ! Driver பணால் !!!🤣🤣”

Here’s his tweet :



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