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RJ Balaji Got Criticized For Not Knowing How To Drive A Car In Shooting Spot !! Check How He Handled The Situation

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RJ Balaji Got Criticized For Not Knowing How To Drive A Car In Shooting Spot !! Check How He Handled The Situation

RJ Balaji who started his career as a radio jockey, is currently busy acting in movies for Kollywood film industry. He who also gets himself involved in direction department, started his acting stint as a comedian. During the initial stages, he acted in films such as “Theeya Vela Seyyanum Kumarru”, “Vada curry”, “Yatchan”, “Ivan Thandhiran” as a comedy actor.



In his recent interaction with Film companion South’s Baradwaj Rangan, Balaji shared on how he handled a situation in a shooting spot where he was humiliated for not knowing how to drive a car. He who is known for his witty counters and instant one liners, replied to choreographer Brinda in his own way and shared about it, video of which is going viral in social media platforms.

RJ Balaji needs no introduction to the people of Tamilnadu as he is a popular radio jockey, presenter, comedian and actor based in Chennai. He is best known as the host of the BIG 92.7 show Cross Talk, where he made prank calls to unsuspecting victims. After appearing few films as comedian RJ Balaji made his debut as protagonist in his L.K.G film which received positive response from the audience which resulted as success in box office. After that he acted a lead in “Mookuthi Amman” which also became a hit and he recently announced about the wrap of his upcoming film which is believed to be the remake of Bollywood blockbuster “Badhai Ho”.


While talking about what all he dislikes to Baradwaj Rangan of Film companion South, RJ Balaji said that he doesn’t like/know driving and also he dislikes “dance” as he doesn’t know about it. While talking about his driving skills, Balaji shared about an incident that took place at the shooting spot of “Naanum Rowdy Thaan”. “It has been 20 years since I drove a car. In “Naanum Rowdy Thaan”, there will be one romantic song which goes like “Neeyum Naanum”. Along with Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi, I also appeared in that song. My friend was the director of the film. He came to me and asked me to drive the car while Brindha Master was choreographing the song” RJ Balaji started sharing about the incident.

“I told him that I don’t know how to drive a car and Brinda Master shouted wondering about the same. They were changing the plan as I didn’t know how to drive and Brinda Master shouted again asking whether I didn’t know how to drive a car. During the evening, they were tied a rope to the car and pulled it to show in the scene that I am driving the car. At that time, Brinda Master was shooting it from the another car” Balaji said.


“While holding a mike, she shouted at me asking why I came to act, not knowing how to drive a car. Immediately I took a mic from our car and said “Many coming to act without knowing anything about acting, why shouldn’t I come to act without knowing how to drive a car”. I don’t like/know how to drive a car” said Balaji with Baradwaj Rangan laughing his hear out. Watch the video below :

Watch the full interaction between RJ Balaji and Baradwaj Rangan below :

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