RJ Ananthi’s Interpretation On How “Book Reading” Impacted Her Life Caused Debate In Twitter !!

Ananthi Iyappan who is popularly known as RJ Anandhi, in an interview with a private youtube channel, talked about how “reading books” changed her perception in life. She who is an ardent reader of books, running a youtube channel named “The Book show” and enjoys two and half lakh subscribers for her channel. Through the videos, she reviews books and talks about how important “book reading” is to her followers. Now, a particular statement she made in a recent interaction with a youtube channel has created debate among the users of the micro blogging social media site.


She said that she didn’t feel like crying while going to attend her father’s life but lived the moment and cherished every second of it due to the impacts made by the books she read. “I am going from Chennai to Coimbatore in car to see my father’s dead body. Throughout my travel, I listened to my favourite songs and enjoyed every one of it. I even ate a ghee roast on my way” she said in the interview.

“No one is going to be prepared for such moment and no one can teach others to handle such situations as well. But through my book reading experiences, I understood that it is natural. When I saw my father’s face and felt that it is “life”. I realized that it is how everyone’s life ends It comes to an end. This is how it is. I could have cried for losing my father. But on the other side, I thought of the things he went through all those years he lived” Ananthi said.

“For the last 6-8 months, he was in so much pain and I felt that it’s gone now. This is what life is all about. This is the beauty of life. It’s not only my father. Tomorrow it could be me, Tomorrow could be the last day for me. While we were performing the rituals, it rained. My father was not there to enjoy the rain and it did. I felt the sun and wind. The world was just beautiful but my father was not there to feel it” she further said.


“It happens in the life of everyone of us. The sun will be beautiful, The moon will be beautiful and many things that are happening in the streets will be beautiful. But we will not enjoy them due to our bad mood. That’s not life. We should live the moment and be conscious to enjoy it” said Ananthi and added that books taught her to live that way. “Books taught me to enjoy the moments irrespective of the circumstances.” she said.

Watch the video below :

This explanation of RJ Ananthi created a debate in social media platforms with a set of people criticizing her saying that she is exaggerating and over reacting. People dropped comments supporting the “Comali” actress as well. “She is just being real. Who could cry for 10 straight hours ?” said a twitter user on seeing the video.

Check out some the reactions for Ananthi’s perception below :


Comment your views on this perception of Ananthi about life and book reading !!


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