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Ritika Singh Asked Reviewer Prashanth To Delete This Video !! HEART-BREAKING Reason !!



Ritika Singh Asked Reviewer Prashanth To Delete This Video !! HEART-BREAKING Reason !!

Last year, A 40-year-old pillion rider was crushed to death by a speeding private bus after she fell off a two-wheeler that hit a pothole during heavy rains in Kalyan of Maharashtra’s Thane district on Saturday.


The incident at Shivaji Chowk on Saturday evening was caught on closed-circuit television or CCTV cameras. Police said the bus driver, who fled from the spot, has been identified.

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Manisha Bhoir, a civic school peon, was heading home on a two-wheeler being driven by her relative, who had picked her up because of the rains, when they met with the accident. Now, video of that accident doing rounds of social media ina way of creating awareness.


Popular movie reviewer, Prashanth also shared the video and asked people not to overtake vehicles in left side.

On seeing this on her timeline, Ritika Singh who is known among Tamil audience for films like Irudhi Suttru, said that the victim is a person who is known by her personally. She also said that it is not happened because of overtaking, but because of potholes.

In her reply tweet Ritika wrote “I knew her personally! Was very close to me and my family. This happened last year. 10 minutes away from my house. It’s because of the potholes in the roads. The condition of the road is still like this. Also, could you please take this video down? It hurts to see her like this.”

Check out her tweet here :


Followed by this, she also posted another tweet saying “She lost her life because of a pothole that went unnoticed because of water clogging.”

This is indeed heart-breaking and still if it rains, due to poor road conditions water fills the road within minutes. Apart from road accidents, it also causes vicious fever such as Dengue, Malaria etc. Will the government of India take appropriate action to prevent these kind of accidents ??

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