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Reviews Pouring For Ashwin Kumar’s Debut Film “Enna Solla Pogiraai” !!



Reviews Pouring For Ashwin Kumar’s Debut Film “Enna Solla Pogiraai” !!

“Cooku with Comali” fame Ashwin Kumar’s debut film “Enna Solla Pogiraai” released in the theatres on Thursday with much expectations and is receiving reviews from the audience who watched it. Ashwin Kumar who gained a separate fan base through his Television stint, is making his debut through the Hari haran directorial. Pugazh, Teju Ashwini, Avantika played pivotal roles in the film which was produced by Ravindran of Trident Arts.

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The film’s plot revolves around Vikram, played by Ashwin kumar Lakshmikanthan finding the love of his life after he gets engaged to a girl. Anjali (played by Avantika) believes that a guy who suffered heart break would value a relation ship more and decides to marry Ashwin who lies that he had a relationship in the past. When Anjali wishes to meet Vikram’s ex, he seeks help from Preethi to act as his previous girl friend. The climax lies on whom Ashwin ends up marrying and it is obvious as per the notion of Tamil cinema.

Apart from the fans of Ashwin Kumar, the film created huge anticipation among the general audience due to the audio launch event that took place for the film. Ashwin caught into a huge controversy after he confessed that “Enna Solla Pogiraai” was his 41st script as the 40 scripts he heard before didn’t impress him.

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The actor’s statement on dozing off while hearing scripts that doesn’t interest him, created an agitation among the fans and creators. Many said that they are waiting for the film to get released to see what kind of film he chose. Now, as soon as the film got released, many fans who watched the film could be seen referring to the “40 stories” statement of Ashwin to criticize the film.

“I slept in the 41st story Ashwin chose”, a fan could be seen saying while coming out of theatre whereas another one says that Ashwin could have slept while hearing this script too. Popular movie reviewer “Blue Satta” Maaran came up with a tweet in his official twitter handle, uploading a meme template of comedy actor Vadivelu sleeping in an empty theatre hall.

However, some of the fans of the actor said that the film felt good and appreciated the acting skills of Ashwin and others. Few said that the film is an “one time watchable” as well. Check out the public opinion review videos below :

Check out some of the tweets that surfaced reacting to the film :


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