Reviewer Prashanth Lost Money To His Follower !!

Popular movie reviewer Prashanth Rangaswamy is very well known for his social media existence. Having more than 5 lakh subscribers in Youtube, Prashanth has more or less same number of followers for his official twitter account as well.


He has been sharing many useful informations through his twitter account and even helped in raising funds for kids who are suffering from health issues. Now the reviewer has shared one of a sour experience he faced due to one of his follower.

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Prashanth shared about the incident in his twitter account in which he has more than 5 lakhs of followers. In his tweet Prashanth said that one of his follower borrowed him a 1000 rupees by saying that he is with his mother in Tirupathi and has no enough money. After receiving the money, the user allegedly didn’t pick the call of Prashanth. Sharing the experience, Prashanth said that he lost belief in lending money to other followers.

“அம்மா கூட திருப்பதில இருக்கேன், காசு பத்தல, 1000 ரூவாய் தாங்க திருப்பி தந்துடுறேன்னு ஒரு பாலோவர் வாங்குனான் 3 மாசத்துக்கு முன்னாடி, வெறும் நம்பிக்கைல தந்தேன். இப்ப கால் கூட அட்டெண்ட் பண்ணுறது இல்ல. ஏண்டா இப்டி கேவலமா இருக்கீங்க ? இனி எப்டி இன்னொருத்தன் கேட்டா உதவ ?” he wrote in his tweet. Check out his tweet below :


To this tweet, one of this follower asked why he is whining about a 1000 rupees when he gains lakhs and lakhs of profit through Youtube. Here’s the tweet of the user :

Prashanth who decided to reply to this comment, wrote “Aamaam. Youtube namma company. Neraya laabam varuthu. Try figuring out a strategy, work your ass off for a decade for it, then u will know that the money u earn is not easily gotten.”


Prashanth started his career as a customer support agent with McAfee, with that, he also worked in various positions that includes senior tech support and level 2 technical and remote support. After staring reviewing movies, Prashanth also got chances to appear in movies which are yet to be released. He also conducted celebrity interviews with some of the top celebrities of Kollywood.

What do you think on this complaint made by the reviewer ?? Comment your views below !!


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