Resident From North Chennai Aggressively Asked Vetri Maaran Not To Take Vada Chennai 2 !! Watch Video !!


National award-winning director Vetrimaaran’s Vada Chennai has hit screens worldwide amid huge expectations. The film has already received positive reviews from its world premiere at the Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival. The first part of the three-part gangster drama was in production for more than two years and has been made on a huge budget. Actor Danush has bankrolled the movie and has also essayed the lead role in it.

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In the past, Dhanush and director Vetri Maaran have delivered blockbuster hits like Polladhavan and Aadukalam. For the third time, the duo has joined hands for a riveting gangster drama titled Vada Chennai.

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As the title suggests, the film will chronicle the life of Dhanush (who plays Anbu in the film) in North Chennai. From the first look posters to the trailer, everything screams of the 80s and takes us on a nostalgic trip to the retro era.

Vada Chennai’s premise has been in Vetri Maaran’s mind since 2006. But, it took over 5 years for him to assemble an ensemble cast and commence the film’s shooting. After two years in the making, Vada Chennai is all set to hit the theatres on October 17.

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The cast of Vada Chennai includes Dhanush, Ameer, Aishwarya Rajesh, Andrea Jeremiah, Samuthirakani, Daniel Balaji and Kishore in prominent roles.
The film received widespread acclaim from critics as it portrayed the daily life of the particular group of people from North Madras. But a video from a group of men from North Madras who watched Vetri Maaran’s Vada Chennai released a video saying that the film is completely portrays their origin in a wrong way.
In the video we can see the group of men  saying “We have just now watched the movie Vada Chennai in Idreams. Vetri Maran’s  whole motivation is to show Vada Chennai  in a wrong way. Why are you showing as our people are always holding a knife? Likewise they have humiliated the lifestyle of our Fishermen society. They shot the film in our place and showed us in a wrong way. They are showing like we are using our boats to kidnap police and steal, why don’t you show how we work using our boats?” asks the man in the middle.
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“We are trying hard to gain good name in the society but you are easily labeling us in a wrong way. Vteri Maaran sir, you can earn money through lot of contents but don’t misuse our name” he added.
They also said that the women of North Madras are portrayed in a wrong way. “Our women don’t speak bad language in public even in home. Through everything including dressing we are trying our level best to gain good name in the society but you are degarding us” said the young man. As a result of this kind of videos, Vetri Maaran accepted to remove the scenes which hurt their feelings.
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Now in a recent discussion about the movie Vada Chennai conducted by Koogai, the director of the film Vetri Maran attended and discussed with few number of people in which most of them are Assistant directors it is said.
While answering to every questions and doubts raised by them, Vetri answered to one of the question where he was asked why he showed the part Vada Chennai in a very wrong way. For this the director said “The first card in my film was regarding that only. I said that it is not about whole Vada Chennai but only about a particular group. I also asked apologize to those who were got hurt by the scenes took place in the film”.
While he was explaining a angry man in the crowd interrupted him and said “First of all you should not titled this film as Vada Chennai. Please leave this here and don’t take Vada Chennai 2.” After this the man continues to state his reasons which is not much audible but it is clear that he is from north madras and he do not want Vetri to take a film which projects people who belong to north madras are gangsters and thugs.


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