Remember This Jallikattu Fame Cop Who Gave An Amazing Speech ? He’s In Deep Trouble Now..

5 years ago

Mathiyazhagan , the Jallikattu protest fame constable of police cannot be easily forgotten for his electrifying speech in the Marina. Well the COP is now into trouble.

At the time of the protest the Cop gave a 3 minute speech, even though he was in uniform at the time. Soon after his speech, his senior officials said that he will not be into any problems. But in the month of April, an official charge memo was sent to the police official, as a warning for his act during the massive protest.

A senior IPS officer said, “A man in uniform is not allowed to participate in protests. A charge memo was handed over to him in April, cautioning him. He was given punishment three months ago.” But he was not suspended.

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Hailing from Ramanathapuram, the police picked up the mic in the protest and delivered a 3-minutes long speech, in which he claimed that the central government did not pay attention to the issue.

In his speech, he said: “If we let the bull that has been with us for thousands of years die, how can we say we’re Tamilians? There are babies in this world who have not had mother’s milk, but are there any babies in this world who have not had cow’s milk? They keep saying farmer-farmer… this is an issue that’s important to the farmers. Is a government that doesn’t understand a government at all? What is natural farming? The farmer prepares the land with water and cow dung. But now how will he do farming? The soil has been killed by the usage of artificial chemicals. Next, they’re going to kill the cows by stopping jallikattu.

“We’re begging for water from the neighboring state. The farmer is dying of debt because he doesn’t have water for cultivation. What is your answer to all this? There are many police personnel like me in this crowd: people wearing uniforms who have the desire to speak out about this like I have. There are many cops who didn’t go home last night and sleep, but have worn a civil dress and remained in this crowd. I have come on their behalf also. I agree that the police have so far never participated in such protests. But I’ve participated now because I understand the seriousness of this issue and I want action to be taken.”


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