Remember This Child Artist From “Friends” Movie ?? Here’s What He Is Doing Now !!

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“Friends” movie fame Bharath who appeared in the film as a child artist, is running a ice cream truck business in Chennai city. A video of the actor explaining about his journey so far, is doing rounds in social media platforms. Apart from “Friends”, Bharath appeared in several other serials and movies which includes “Shaka Lakka Boom Boom”, a famous Television show which attracted 90s kids in big time during their childhood days.


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In the interview, Bharath says that he always had a fascination for “Ice Cream Trucks” after watching cartoons but started the business out of his own interest. “I have been doing this for past 4 years and is pretty much busy in it. After finishing college, I worked in an advertisement agency for 4 years” Bharath said in the interview.  The youngster also revealed that he worked as an assistant director of Ajay Gnanamuthu for the movie “Imaikka Nodigal” starring Nayanthara and opted himself from the project after working in it for two schedules.

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“I have seen ice cream trucks in cartoons during childhood and developed an interest over it. I realized that there is no ice cream truck in Chennai city and had this thought of starting a business based on that idea. I thought why we shouldn’t give ice cream to people instead of them reaching a shop to eat” Bharath said in the interview. “I started this after discussing with my friend. There are three partners for this business and all of them are my friends” he said and added “I wanted to call it “Chennai’s First Ice Cream Truck”.

“It’s not that I’m not getting opportunities in film industry but I didn’t try. I didn’t try with full effort. I have contacts but I got deviated due to this thought. If I tried for two years with full effort, I would have got opportunities in film industry” Bharath said in the interview. “Even If I have experience as a child artist, it won’t be considered these days. One should push me from the back” Bharath further added.

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Bharath said that his mother helped him to get into the industry as a child artist. “I got this creativity by acting with different kind of serials and different kind of directors. I realized that it is the easiest way to attract wider audience” Bharath said in the interview. The budding entrepreneur is receiving accolades from all over the internet for the way his approaches life. After completing visual communication, Bharath says that he studies MBA.

Talking about his Ice Cream Truck, Bharath said that all kinds are ice creams he is selling, are manufactured on his own. “I researched through youtube videos, internet articles and other sources to list the flavours of ice creams. Initially, we had a chef and he guided us. By learning basic from him, I started doing it on my own. I realized that a different kind of a product will promote it itself through word of mouth” Bharath said and went on to add that he wanted his consumers to feel “nostalgic” about their childhood as his flavours are such kind.

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“My customers will definitely get reminded of their childhood while seeing me, I also wanted to give them a product that reminds of their childhood” Bharath said. Talking about his products, Bharath seemed keen on providing unique ice creams for his customers. The young lad indeed won hearts among the internet users through the viral video.

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