Remember Koyambedu Rohini Theatre? Now This is How It Looks, Even More Awesome Than Sathyam!


Every Chennaite know how poor the Rohini Theatre in Koyambedu used to be.. It is said to be one of oldest theatres in tthe city which is exisiting since the late 90s, and once the malls started to come in and city started to see hifi transformation in movie watching experience with Sathyam and its SPI entities and along with North Indias most reputed multiplex firms like Inox and PVR making its way down south into chennai market, the city people started to see various facitlity in the multiplex, but there was one theatre which remaind deserted throughout this 20 year period is koyambedu Rohini..

The exterior of the theatre complex looked very very bad and lacked maintanence… But to our surprise the interiors looked even horrible with broken chair, lack of leg spacing, wet floor, dogs running here and there..

But May 2016 there was an anoouncement outside the theatre stating that it is going to be renovated..
The first reaction of all the people who read that was LOL, as none of us thought even in our dream that this theate will get a makeover..

So after this big billboard being put up there was some hope that this place is gonna change after 2 decades.. and finally to our surprise today ROHINI theatres official FB Page has released few of their interior images which turned out to be absolutely killer and magnificent.. The ambience looked stunning that it was on par with Sathyam and its counterparts..





None of us even in our bad dreams thought that this will happen.. This is what the theatre authorities are claiming it to be as it is yet to be opened for public.. Hope it remains the same as it is shown in the above pics..!
Image source – Google / Rohini FB page


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