Remember “FREEDOM 251” World’s Cheapest Smart Phone ?? : Check What Happened To Its Owner !!


Launched as the World’s cheapest smartphone ‘Freedom 251’ maker Ringing Bells founder Mohit Goel has been arrested by the police. Along with Mohit Goel, many others have been reportedly arrested by the police reports news agency ANI. The arrests were carried out in the city of Delhi. More details awaited about the situation.

Earlier, Mohit Goel had spent more than three months in jail on allegations of fraud. However, on May 31, Ringing Bells Managing Director got bail from the Allahabad High Court. Ghaziabad-based Ayam Enterprises alleged that Goel ‘defrauded’ the company of Rs 16 lakh. Goel was arrested in February in Uttar Pradesh.

The Arrset was happened on Sunday, Delhi cops took him into custody regarding an extortion case, as per ANI. Other than him, two other people had been detained as they allegedly made an attempt of extorting money from five businessmen who are involved in Bhiwadi gangrape case to settle charges.

Ringing Bells launched Freedom 251 back in 2016. The smartphone was dubbed as the world’s cheapest smartphone which would cost Rs 251. As per the company, it made claims that it received as many as 7.5 crore orders for world’s cheapest smartphone. However, the company later said that it delivered only 70,000 units of the smartphone. Since then there has been no word on when the remaining orders will be shipped.

The company had asked for help from PM Narendra Modi for them to deliver the remaining units of Freedom 251 in time. Under the Digital India initiative, Mohit Goel asked for Rs 50,000 crore from the government in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Modi. Ringing Bells even launched an array of other devices, such as Freedom HD LED TV in early July.

To what extent Mohit Goel is involved in the whole ‘honey trap’ is still not certain. Just to inform, he was imprisoned for over 3 months as he was accused of fraud worth Rs. 16 lakhs by Ayam Enterprises, a firm based on Ghaziabad.


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