Remember Abarnathi, One Of The 5 Finalists In “Enga Veetu Mappillai” ?? Check How She Wished Arya On His Birthday !!


Enga Veetu Mapillai is one of the recent sensational show in TamilNadu. The show featured in Color’s TV is a reality show in which Arya searches his best Match for his life. Participants compete against each other in a reality show for a chance to get married to the actor Arya.

The show is about Actor Arya being as groom and the title winner of the show will be the bride for Arya. Having Arya as center of attraction, Actress Sangeetha hosts the show.

While there was quite some buzz about who the winner would be, Arya didn’t choose one. Saying that he might hurt the other two, Arya reasoned that it is not right to take a painful decision on a stage like this. “I am not ready to hurt any of the other two contestants by choosing one girl and leaving out the other. It might become a day of a huge shock for the other two girls, more than the happiness the chosen one gets. I am not ready to take such a painful decision on a stage like this. If I take the final call today, it might be a very frustrating day for the parents and the families of the other two girls.”

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The show ran for 82 days with 16 contestants. During several points of the show, friends of Arya from Kollywood such as Shyam, Bharath, Kalaiarasan, Varalakshmi, Kiki Shanthanu, Robo Shankar, Prasanna, and Sneha made visits to talk with the women. Best friends of contestants made appearances too. The show was hosted by Arya’s actor friend Sangeetha.

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Abarnathi, one of the contestant of this show who is loved by many though she did not reached the finals of the show. She is currently working in the movie “Jail” which has G.V Prakash in the lead role. Directed by “Angadi Theru”, “Kaaviya thalaiavan” fame Vasantha Balan, the film is on shooting progress.

As today is the birthday of actor Arya, Abarnathi in her twitter account wished Arya in a most romantic way. She wrote “Happy birthday
Unaku pudicha ponnu (naa dhan adhu) kalyanam panitu 100 varsham nalla iru
 (Happy Birthday Arya, Marry a girl whom you love (myself only) and live happily for 100 long years) with a photo of them together.

It seems Abarnathi is still keeping her hopes alive for Arya. Check out some fo the reactions she received for her tweet :

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