Reliance Jio’s LYF Smartphone Explodes In User’s Hands & Causes Burns! Be Careful If You Have 1

Last week, Mukesh Ambani launched the fastest 4G network of the world ‘Jio’, with great pomp and show. People have gone crazy since the time it has been launched; thanks to its amazing data plans and free calling scheme.

Capture 12
These SIM cards have spread like wild fire and there were also some rumors stating these ‘Jio’ SIMs being sold in black market.
However, amidst all this, something bad has happen and this could hamper the reputation of Reliance. Want to know what has happened?
Well, a user of Jio LYF Water 1 phone had a very bad experience since it exploded in his hands. Yes, this claim was made on the Facebook Page named Gedi Route Jammu, along with pictures of the user’s burnt hand.
lyf 1473143827
Reports say that the user was browsing Facebook and this is when the phone exploded all of a sudden. As of now, treatment is going on and there is no official confirmation on the reason.
lyf2 1473143859
Here’s the Facebook post…

This is seriously a bad news for Reliance, isn’t it? What do you think? Will the craze of people reduce after this incident? Do let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.


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