Rekha Nair Thrashed Bailwaan Ranganathan In Public !! WATCH

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8 months ago

Actress Rekha nair who is knwon for her appearance in Television platform, confronted cinema journalist Bailwaan Ranganathan in Thiruvanmayur beach, Chennai, video of which is trending in Internet platforms. The video shows the emerging actress questioning Bailwaan Ranganathan based on a video he uploaded in a youtube channel named “Thirai koothu”. Rekha Nair questioned Bailwaan whether she is his wife or daughter and condemned him for making obscene comment against her.

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It all started after Bayilwaan Ranganathan uploaded a 10 minute long video in Thirai Koothu youtube channel about Rekha Nair and her role in “Iravin Nizhal”. He also talked about the relationship between Rekha and actress Chithra who died of suicide in a hotel room in Poonamalle.

In the recently released “Iravin Nizhal” of Parthiban, actress Rekha Nair played a role of the protagonist’s mother. In the scene, she appeared as a mother who just died and her child (in the movie) was seen drinking milk from her breast. Bayilwaan Ranganathan, in his video, said that Rekha was ready to expose her whole upper body when the director demanded only a part of it.

Bayilwaan Ranganathan also made comments linking Rekha Nair and actress Chithra of “Pandiyan Stores” fame. Here’s the video that caused the controversy :

Responding to the video, actress Rekha nair who accidentally saw Bayilwaan Ranganaathan in Thiruvanmayur Beach located in Chennai, confronted him and asked him questions based on the video he uploaded. The actress asked whether he is her husband or father to question her and said that he is making unnecessary comments about the relationship between herself and Chithra.

Rekha also warned Bayilwaan Ranganathan saying “Seruppu Pinjidum” and the video is going viral among the users of Internet.

Watch video :

Rekha Nair, as her explanation, said that she would usually go to beach for walking only during weekends and went in the weekday accidentally where she saw Bayilwaaan Ranganathan and questioned him about the video. The actress said that everyone couldn’t ignore and walk away but someone should clean the dirt. However, Bayilwaan claimed that he called the actress to the police station and she left the place out of fear.

This is not the first time Bayilwaan Ranganathan is involving in such controversy. Earlier, actress Kaniha condemned him for spreading false information about her. Read : Actress Kaniha Replied To Bayilwaan Ranganaathan Who Slut Shamed Her !! Several other heroines and personalities who belong to cinema industry called out Bayilwaan Ranganaathan for the way hereports cinema based news.

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