#RedLightChannelVijayTV Trending India Wide !! Check Out The Shocking Reason !!

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss show is keeping netizens busy in daily basis with atleast three promos and a show streaming time for 1 hour per day. Many incidents that are taking place inside the house becomes the subject of debate in social media platforms. Starting from Meera’s accusation on Cheran for physical harassment to Kavin walking off from the show with 5 Lakhs, the show never missed to entertain the audience.

Now to our shock, after seeing yesterday’s episode, majority number of audience from Internet got disappointed it seems. They combinedly started to trend the hashtag #RedLightChannelVijaytv in Twitter which is now trending at 4th place in India wide. It is also trending in other countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

Though we couldn’t pinpoint a particular reason for this hashtag, on seeing those posts under the hashtag we could come to a basic assumption. One of the main reason is the eviction of Tharshan who played extremely well throughout the tournament and expected by everyone to win the trophy.


The other reason is the way Vijay Tv treated the termination of Kavin who walked off in the mid way with 5 lakhs which was offered by Bigg Boss. Kamal Haasan without any questions to Kavin, directly said to him and the audience that he didn’t do it for money which was not believed by many viewers. The way Bigg Boss management let Kavin and Losliya to romance infront of Kamal Haasan also irked vast number of viewers who expressed their hatred in their tweets. Kavin was also given a cheque of 5 lakhs infront of the audience.

Check out some of the tweets under the hashtag :

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